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Dressember Day 30 In Collaboration With Sarah Bond

Today is the last day of my Dressember 2014 challenge, if you don’t know what it is, you can check my previous post here.

I kept the best dress for the last, as it’s a reveal of a collaboration with the creative Sarah Bond, you can see her latest work that she showcased in the Christmas trunk show that she did in White Sur White here.

I loved her collection and for today I chose a dress that spoke to me with its vibrant colors and fit cut.

Sarah_Bond (29) FINAL 72 RES


I chose this one shouldered / strapless ready to wear dress, bleu gitane with a touch of yellow (my favorite color <3) that is pleasant to wear, comfortable, elegant and attractive!

Sarah_Bond (39) EDITED 72 RES

Sarah_Bond (19) edited 72 res

Sarah_Bond (43) edited

The photos were shot in the streets of Achrafieh using my canon 7D and Sarah Bond behind the cam.

Thank you Sarah for this lovely collaboration, wish you all the best :*

Stay tuned for a recap on my whole Dressember 2014 challenge!


5 Exercises for a Solid Strength-Building Regime


If you want good health, a long life and to feel your best well into old age, the No. 1 most important thing you can do is strength-training, says Dr. Brett Osborn, author of  “Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness”

“Our ability to fight off disease resides in our muscles,” Dr. Osborn says. “The greatest thing you can do for your body is to build muscle.”

He cites a large, long-term study of nearly 9,000 men ages 20 to 80. After nearly 19 years, the men still living were those with the most muscular strength. (BMJ, formerly British Medical Journal, 2008).

Muscle is all protein – “nothing but good for you” Dr. Osborn says.

Fat, however, is an endocrine organ, meaning it releases hormones and other chemicals. When a person has excess fat, he or she also has a disrupted flow of excess biochemicals, which can increase insulin resistance and boost risk factors for stroke and high blood pressure, among other problems.

“Increased cytokines, an immune system chemical, for example, are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Osborn says. “You’re only as old as your arteries!”

Strength-training has health benefits for everyone, he adds, no matter their size.

“Some fat is visceral fat – it’s stored around the organs and it’s even more dangerous than the fat you can see,” he says. “People who look thin may actually be carrying around a lot of visceral fat.”

So, what’s the workout Dr. Osborn recommends?

“Back to basics,” he says. “These five exercises are the pillars of a solid training regime.”

•  The squat is a full-body exercise; it’s the basic movement around which all training should be centered. Heavy squats generate a robust hormonal response as numerous muscular structures are traumatized during the movement (even your biceps). Standing erect with a heavy load on your back and then repeatedly squatting down will stress your body inordinately – in a good way — forcing it to grow more muscle.


•  The overhead press primarily activates the shoulders, arm extenders and chest. Lower body musculature is also activated as it counters the downward force of the dumbbell supported by the trainee. From the planted feet into the hands, force is transmitted through the skeletal system, stabilized by numerous muscular structures, most importantly the lower back.


•  The deadlift centers on the hamstrings, buttocks, lumbar extensors and quadriceps, essentially the large muscles of your backside and the front of your thighs. As power is transferred from the lower body into the bar through the upper body conduit, upper back muscles are also stressed, contrasting with the squat, which is supported by the hands. Deadlifts are considered by some to be the most complete training exercise.


•  The bench press mostly targets the chest, shoulders and triceps; it’s the most popular among weightlifters, and it’s very simple – trainees push the barbell off the lower chest until the arms are straight. This motion stresses not only the entire upper body, but also the lower body, which serves a stabilizing function. This provides a big hormonal response and plenty of bang for your buck.


•  The pull-up / chin-up stress upper body musculature into the body. A pull-up is done when hands gripping over the bar; a chin-up is where hands are gripping under the bar. Nine out of 10 people cannot do this exercise because most simply haven’t put in the effort. It’s also been called a “man’s exercise, which is nonsense,” he says. There are no gender-specific exercises. Women, too, should aspire to enjoy the health benefits entailed with this pillar.


“There are no secrets to a strong and healthier body; hard work is required for the body that will remain vital and strong at any age,” Osborn says. “Always practice proper form and safety. Otherwise, the result will be the opposite of your goal, an injury.”

About Dr. Brett Osborn

get serious

Brett Osborn is a New York University-trained, board-certified neurological surgeon with a secondary certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, Diplomate; American Bard of Neurological Surgery, Diplomate; American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He holds a CSCS honorarium from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Dr. Osborn specializes in scientifically based nutrition and exercise as a means to achieve optimal health and preventing disease. He is the author of “Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon’s Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness”

Riding the Prototype Volvo S60 Polestar with Thed Björk


I attended, on June 22nd, a special event with Volvo in Kfardebian.

They had brought to Lebanon the Prototype Volvo S60 with the swedish racing driver Thed Björk, and we got the chance to ride the wonderful car as if we were in a real racing track.



The vehicle was developed by Volvo Cars Official Motorsports and its racing and tuning partner Polestar for an as of yet unnamed client.

The main focus when developing the car has been to combine a comfortable genuine Volvo driving experience with a high level of power and handling. The Volvo T6 engine has been tuned to deliver a considerable increase in power and torque. This, in combination with a lowered, widened and reinforced chassis together with a tuned Haldex all-wheel drive system and Öhlins suspension makes the car suitable for both high performance driving and long distance travelling.

There was also all the Volvo family, we took a close look on all of them and we got to test drive the car of our choice, we tested the C30 😉




It was a really amazing experience, I can’t describe the feeling inside the Polestar and how Thed was driving, especially on the turnovers, it was a really amazing feeling!

The C30, was also really smooth, we went for a drive in the neighborhood, it sure is a small car, but it has all the functions of a big car

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Fore more updates on the Volvo events in Lebanon, you can LIKE their Facebook page.


Superga Sneakers!

Not long ago, the Italian brand Superga arrived to Lebanon and more precisely to ABC Achrafieh.

Superga is an Italian shoes brand founded in 1911, it originally made tennis shoes including the famous model “2750 Classic” but then diversified.


A bit of history:

Superga was born in 1911 in Torino, Italy, when Walter Martiny started production of rubber-soled footwear marked with the Superga logo. In 1925 Superga invented the 2750 model, shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. From 1934, the firm diversified its production to new collections dedicated to other sports and daily life.

After WWII, Superga restarted production specializing solely in the production of high quality footwear. In 1951 the firm merged with Pirelli, which brought it new funds and made it possible to sharply increase the production of tennis shoes.

In the 1970s, as the sales of the 2750 continued, Superga diversified to add sport shoes with technical attributes. In the 1980s, the firm launched the production of clothes. As of 2011 former Full House stars Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are the creative directors for Superga. In 2012 the girls launched their Superga shoes to celebrate the opening of a Superga Store in New York City.


Superga now offers a wide range of colors, fabrics, and prints each season for women, men, and kids. Apart from the original Superga Vulcanized and Sport lines or “2750 Classic”, the collections include Superga City leather and Superga Country rubber rain and outwear boots.

The aim of the company is to “Design and produce the highest quality footwear, in timeless classic styles, for the entire family”.

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Meet The Blogger #6: Lara from Carmel and Vanilla

Today’s Fashion Blogger keeps a close eye on the stars and celebrities and always keep us updated on the latest trends! Check her out…

lara 3

1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start your Fashion Blog? And what’s the secret behind the name “Caramel + Vanilla”?

I’ve been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember really. I love shopping, trying out new trends, and I’m very interested in designers and celebrity fashion. I enrolled in the design program at Esmod last year and that’s when I started thinking that I wanted to make my obsession with fashion public. The blog went live in February 2013 so it’s turning six months old today 🙂  The two words that make the name of the blog “Carmel” and “Vanilla” mean a lot to me; Carmel is the most amazing town just south of San Francisco and I spent some time there while I was living in the US. It’s sophisticated and simple at the same time which is how I think fashion should be. Vanilla on the other hand is the scent of my favorite body lotion from Bath and Body Works that I’ve been using since I was 12, so it’s also pretty special to me.

2-  What are your favorite colors for this season?

Emerald is the color of the year and it just happens to be my favorite color this season. People who know me know how obsessed I am with everything black. But this Summer, I really wanted to experiment with bright colors and I thought emerald would be the perfect candidate. My favorite item this season is an emerald Michael Kors satchel that I’ve been carrying around all the time. (See You’d be surprised how this color makes any outfit pop and even goes well when combined with other bright colors like royal blue (another color I love in Summer).


3- Which is the celebrity that inspires you the most?

There are so many celebrities who always manage to look great no matter what. For example, I’m amazed at how Jennifer Lopez can wear wild prints or skin-tight gowns and still look gorgeous. But if I were to pick someone who I mostly identify with, it would be Victoria Beckham. I’ve written a few blog posts about her style and her clothing line and I really don’t think there’s any woman in the world other than her who ALWAYS looks put together no matter what. I love how she doesn’t have to wear extremely revealing outfits to look sexy and get the media’s attention. Her brand is such a success and I think it’s great that she designs her items while keeping in mind that women from different sizes and shapes can wear them. I also really envy her for being able to walk in heels all the time though 😉


For more updates from Lara, you can LIKE her Facebook Page and Follow her on Twitter 🙂

And if you’re interested in taking part in my “Meet The Blogger” section, you can always send me a DM on my Facebook Page or on twitter.

K-Lynn Fashion Show at the Square

On June 20th, 2013, I attended a fashion show by K-Lynn lingerie at the Square lounge in Movenpick Hotel, Beirut.

The models that amazed us with the latest swimwear and underwear were from the World Next Top Model pageant.

We enjoyed the fashion show on the rhythm of nice music and having yummy bites and drinks 🙂

here are some pictures from the show…


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The Revolution*

Everyone parties in Beirut, but not everyone knows how to throw a party. The Revolution* Beirut will deliver an unforgettable experience free from hangovers and bad music…


The Revolution* Beirut supports/promotes local DJs. Funky, Electro, Indie, and groovy music will be played all night long keeping you move it move it…

To note that The Revolution* Beirut is a members-only event, members should have The Revolt* Card.

The Revolt* Card grants you access to The Revolution* Beirut parties. Only card holders will be invited to the parties, and will benefit from discounts.

How does the Card work?

Once at your disposal, you need to activate the card either by scanning the QR code and entering your unique key on our Facebook page or by visiting us on The Revolution Beirut page. Once the card activated, make sure to present it each time you attend The Revolution* gigs to accumulate points and enjoy the numerous privileges.


You can check The Revolution* website for more information and photos, Like their Facebook Page and Follow them on Twitter!

Bring on your swimsuits and get ready for some real summer fun at La Plage!

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