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5 Things I learned From The Dressember Challenge!

For all those who were following my pictures on Instagram, saw the dresses I wore during the whole month of December.

For those who missed it, you can check my introductory post about the Dressember 2014 challenge here and the last dress I wore here.

Sarah_Bond (19) edited 72 res

And this is what I learned from this wonderful challenge:

1 – I love dresses, I find them so easy to wear. And since I was deciding which dress to wear the night before, I managed to sleep 5 minutes more in the morning 😛 and it helped me become a more organized person.

2 – Pantyhoses should be created in a way to make the lives of women much easier. It would be great if it can be indicated which is the front side, which is the backside (Only Marie France had a sign). Because sometimes when it goes wrong, it can make your life hell trying to figure out how to wear it the right way…And with all the technologies out there, can’t they make the sheer pantyhoses unbreakable?!?!

3 – I discovered new fans to my blog, and we actually exchanged opinions about my dresses and we agreed that brown doesn’t look so good on me. Black and Red are the colors that suit me best!

4 – By adding accessories, like cardigan, scarves, hats, and different pantyhoses each time, the dress looked completely different. ==> If you get creative with the items you have in your closet, you won’t need to buy a lot of new items each season. Keep your money for the sales period 😉

5 – People are willing to collaborate and especially when it’s for a good cause. I was so happy to meet the creative Sarah Bond and had the pleasure to wear her signature Electric Thoughts dress!

Here’s a quick roundup of all the dresses I wore

I hope you enjoyed my Dressember challenge this year!

Would you join me next year?


Let The Bidding Begin!

Have you set your mind on that Valentino heels, Chanel Bag or the iPhone 6?

With BIDAFFAIRS you can now place your bids in an online auction, and who knows you might win your dream item!


“BID AFFAIRS” is an exclusive auction experience that offers its members a variety of the latest items in women and men fashion, electronics, travel, leisure, and entertainment. Members will be able to get their hands on brand new, exclusive, limited edition, designer brands and state of the art electronics for prices up to 95% less than their retail value.

All items on the site are new current season items from the world’s leading fashion brands for both women and men. “BID AFFAIRS” is different from your traditional auction routine as bids are purchased beforehand and up front while bidding occurs in fixed increments.

“BID AFFAIRS” takes members on a fun and memorable experience based on lifestyle and fashion trends that members will enjoy indulging in.

Every week, new items will be up for auction. And to catch up this week’s items, I’m offering 10 of my lucky readers 20 free bids to experience the site and enjoy bidding!

All you have to do is include the following code: LeBlogDeChanty and 10 of my readers will be granted 20 free bids upon subscribing on bidaffairs.com/account.php

First Come, First Served! So Hurry Up!

The Silly Spoon!

While I was checking the new Winter collection by Alice Eddé, there was  the opening of “The Silly Spoon” which is located just facing Green & Glam, Achrafieh, Zahret El Ehsan.


Owned by the two sisters “Lea Majdalani Ayoub” and “Jessica Majdalani”, The Silly Spoon is a fresh and contemporary tableware and home accessories store. Charming and seductive from the moment you walk into the store, tableware pieces and accessories catch your eye at every corner.

Lea and Jessica handpicked every item with today’s modern style in mind, making sure there’s something for everyone. The Silly Spoon is filled with an elegant and enchanting selection of pieces.

My favorite section was the tea sets of course, they have mugs with different sizes and colors.

If you’re around, you have to drop by and check their lovely collection!

Montblanc celebrates 90 years of its iconic Meisterstück

Timeless, the fountain pen has long become a symbol of the brand values: finest craftsmanship, traditional manufacturing techniques, precious materials, refined aesthetics and best functionality. The Meisterstück ranks among the world’s most famous luxury icons. Today, it also continues to assert Montblanc’s savoir-faire and vision for the future of luxury writing instruments.

Montblanc_Meisterstück_Heritage_Perpetual_Calendar_110714_front (2)

Manufactured in Hamburg since 1924, the Meisterstück truly embodies Montblanc’s quest for perfection. Over the years, it became the meaningful companion of generations of scholars and scientists, poets and artists, statesmen and industry leaders alike. Its sophisticated character further turned it into a unique writing instrument: more, a reference.

True to the “Meisterstück spirit”, Montblanc unveils its Meisterstück Collection: a unique selection of sensual leather goods, meticulously crafted timepieces, refined jewellery and of course a new Meisterstück writing instrument collection that further ‘writes’ the story of such a timeless icon. The Collection celebrates 90 years of the spirit of Meisterstück, introducing icons for the time to come.

With the Meisterstück 90 Years collection of Fountain Pens, one can discover special red gold nibs and a limited time special engravings on them.

The collection celebrates 90 years of the spirit of Meisterstück, introducing icons for the time to come.

Discovering: Santiago Beirut


After I started noticing the chic and colorful outfits on my timeline, I had to check the store in person.


What initially started as a small jeans and sportswear store in Kaslik during the civil war in 1979, gradually grew to become a multi-brand fashion boutique.
Since its establishment, Santiago has been a pioneer in bringing cutting edge designer clothes and accessories from around the world, and in the process making its distinct mark on the Lebanese fashion scene.


In addition to its current locations in Kaslik and Ashrafieh, Santiago has recently opened its doors in Downtown Beirut.

Santiago carries numerous exclusive and well-known American, Belgian, French, Italian and Spanish brand names. They include Antonio Marras, Essentiel, Hache, Hartford, Henry Beguelin, High, Iro, Isola Marras, Malandrino, Maliparmi, Malloni, Sita Murt, Fani Xenophontos, Anika Lena Skarstrom, Sophie d’Hoore and Amaya Arzuaga. Also available are swimwear collections from Fisico.

Their Spring/Summer collection is so fresh and full of life, you have to check it out 🙂

It’s time to get Juicy!

A while ago, I was invited to discover the Juicy Couture boutique in City Center, and to check the Spring collection 2014.

juicy 001

The boutique was full of lovely, and fresh colors, the sales people were very kind and showed me the different looks of the collection.

The new Spring lineup, is entitled “Go West”, the collection was split into several tableaux representing a typical day in the life of a Los Angeles native. The opening series of athletic outfits introduced a new Juicy Couture Sport line of trendy yet functional active-wear. The track suits are available in multiple colors, adding life to your wardrobe.

I personally fell in love with the photos of their campaign, they’re so vibrant with colors and the two models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emily DiDonato rock!

Did you check Juicy Couture’s Spring Collection? Campaign?

What did you like the most? 

Flock Accessories by Lanvin Men

Travels, adventures… the Lanvin man hurries towards his destiny as if he were on the

run, with a backpack, a giant orange Doctor Bag or numerous flock accessories, the real

headliners of this collection, in hand.


Flocking, the textile screen printing technique popular in the 1980s, has made a big comeback

at Lanvin using a fresh new medium for summer 2014: leather.

Like a velvety print on precious leather, hand-strap cases and zipped pouches are crafted from

green or sky blue viscose. The large size is adorned with a strap in double green foal leather

into which he slips his hand for a laid-back approach. Glasses cases in grey pearl grained

calfskin and flocked with a grey-green technical fabric acts as a mini pouch for the man who

likes to travel light. The dandiest will opt for the backpack version in black nubuck flocked

with electric blue viscose. The chic school-boy look is highlighted by a pair of flocked,

buckled loafers with a studded finish or a pair of double-strapped sandals in the same tones.


I like the colors of the bags, men can match them with their outfits easily, and they come in different sizes, depending on the needs. If you’re going to the gym, you can have the backpack, if you’re travelling and need a small bag to take all your shaving products, you can choose one of the small ones that can attach to your hand.


What about you men? Do you like carrying bags? Which do you think is more practical for you? 

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