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Angel, Eau Sucrée is a limited edition fragrance by Thierry Mugler.

shooting 106

It was the first time I try any of Thierry Mugler‘s fragrances, and believe me this one is SUPER!

A mischievous and delicious new interpretation of Angel, Eau Sucrée is an invitation to indulge in pure gourmand pleasure. It is described as being “A new ode to indulgence”.

shooting 098

The composition begins with juicy, tangy and frosted red berries sorbet. The heart includes a new gourmand accord of caramelized meringue cream. The final touch is oriental and sensual thanks to notes of patchouli and vanilla. The perfume is developed by Dorothee Piot.

shooting 080_

The packaging is inspired by vintage confectionery and it evokes memories of childhood with its blue – white candy striped. The pearly star-shaped bottle is sprinkled with glitter that reminiscent of sugar. Available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

shooting 104

I also found out that the French gourmet food brand Fauchon has developed a limited edition éclair honoring Thierry Mugler‘s limited edition fragrance, Angel Eau Sucrée.


The new Fauchon éclair, named for Thierry Mugler‘s Angel, offers an exquisite union between two senses: smell and taste. At its center, the crunchy cake contains a bitter chocolate and almond praline, which contrasts with the Madagascar vanilla cream, accented by a touch of lemon and caramel.

shooting 097

The sweet Eau de Toilette ANGEL, Eau Sucrée is an irresistible treat, it is sure to tantalize the taste buds.


Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly!

Christmas is just around the corner and all the country is already wearing its marvelous decoration. Christmas exhibitions, recitals, book fairs, jingles are everywhere…

On Saturday I got the chance to be present at the grand opening of the festive market at Le Vendome Beirut.

You can choose your perfect Christmas gifts from the amazing collection of silver and crystal ornaments, decorative items, and a delectable selection of Chocodome chocolate!

The Festive Market opens daily till January 6th, 2014 from 10h00 a.m. till 10h00 p.m. at the main lobby.

Then I went for a road trip with my friend and got to admire the enchanting Christmas decoration in Byblos ❤


And on Sunday, I went with my family to the Christmas festival in Dhour El Choueir.

We were seduced by the Christmas grotto, wine festival, and chants…


Where did you find your favorite Christmas decoration this year? 

Meet The Blogger #14: Anna and Maria from “Notre Closet”

Today’s bloggers, are two cute twins who share the same passion: Fashion, Photography and Travel.

Get to know them more here

photo (8)



Question 1: We know that you have a deep love for fashion, can you tell us more how it started and how you decided to have a fashion blog?

Hello 😀

We are twins that’s right, but each one had love for something: Anna always loved writing and the online community. And Maria was always good in drawing, sketching and designing. We noticed that year by year, we become a bit far from each other: we have different works, each one her own group… so we decided to create something that will bound us again: our choice was evident. We love fashion, we love photography and travel. We started our fashion blog 😀

We began the photo shoots and posts were coming up. We got amazing feedbacks that encouraged us more.  At the beginning, we wanted to share our personal style and inspirations. Post after post, we wanted to show that it is possible to stay fashionable while being on a small budget and also show that it is ok to wear your clothes over and over again – you just need to be creative and combine the right items and accessories.

Question 2: What is your favorite summer trend?

For this summer we choose crop tops and denim. We just adore those items:D

We are also in love with floral patterns and mixing prints procedure. We like the white and black neutrals and we are having fun with logo shirts 😉


Question 3: From where do you get your inspiration?

We draw inspiration from anything and everything around us: it can be people on the streets, movies, nature, art exhibitions, bloggers, TV shows and music…


Question 4: What is the one thing that you can’t leave the house without?

Anna: make up item: mascara

Other item: pen and a small notebook.

Maria: make up item: lipstick

Other item: necklace and a bar of chocolate 😛

Question 5: What are the colors that you feel more comfortable with?

Anna: I love nude light colors like pink and blue which are very trendy this year. Pastel tones. They show feminism and lot of simplicity, elegance and a chic spirit! I Love also the Leopard texture, it is really fun to play with such patterns and mix it with others.

Maria: on top of my list comes the WHITE color. I love the pastel colors as well.


Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page, and follow them on twitter 🙂

Easter with Little Cake

little cake

Little Cake is a pastry Shop where you feel pampered. Their cupcakes, cakes and, cookies are made with the freshest ingredients using the finest eggs and butter on the market, with no additives or preservatives. They are then baked with love and decorated with devotion. Their sumptuous chocolate is made with the finest Belgian cocoa and raw materials that will keep consumers coming back for more…


And this Easter, they’ve got the sweetest arrangements, cookies, muffins, maamoul and many other delights for you to enjoy…


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Indulging: Olivo’s at Radisson Blu Martinez

Almost two weeks ago, I was invited to try the new menu at Olivo’s, the restaurant located at the mezzanine level, in Radisson Blu Martinez, Ain El Mreisseh, Beirut.

I went there for lunch with my parents, we were warmly received by the restaurant’s manager, who guided us to our table and seated.

The restaurant’s manager was so friendly and helpful, he gave us an idea about the new menu and showed us the exquisite items from it.

After the crudité platter and the fresh bread basket that we had with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, that the manager prepared for us, we started with the appetizers.

We had at first the aubergine rolls, which are made of thin slices of aubergine wrapped around tomato puree, decorated with a bit of balsamic, cheese, rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes.


Then we had the duck and chicken patée served with jam.


Until the main dish was served, we enjoyed a lemon sorbée and enjoyed the calm music in the background.

And here they are, the mouthwatering prawn dish with rocket leaves and lemon, the steak with rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes and the fish filet dish. Every dish was perfectly done, to the point you don’t want it to end…

And to end it well, we tried the tiramisu, the strawberry tart and the chocolate fondant. The pictures can describe the taste better…

While enjoying our meals, Olivo’s Indian-British chef visited our table,and we could put a face behind the delicious food. To get to know him better, stay tuned for an interview with him on my blog!

Even though we tried new items and combinations, like the eggplant rolls and the duck/chicken patée, we enjoyed our food a lot. The ambiance of the restaurant is really nice , welcoming and friendly.

If you’re going out with your other half, friends or family, I highly recommend you to try Olivo’s restaurant.


Indulging: Le Hanoi Beirut

I had the chance a while ago to try Le Hanoi Beirut with a dear friend of mine.

We wanted to try something new and different, so we grabbed their offer from Makhsom.


It was the first time we try Vietnamese food, and I can tell you it really was something…

We were well received and guided to our table, the interior is cosy and warm and the soft music is just perfect.

We had the waiter’s opinion with the menu, because it was totally new to us, he was very helpful and the items we chose were really mouth-watering.


As starters we had the sea nems, wrap them with cabbage, add a leaf of mind and dip in the special sauce… tasty…



Then we had the  lobster lover salad, with pineapple, mango, melon and papaya



As main dish, we had the salmon steak with sweet  jelly chili



To end it the right way, we had two tasty desserts that we shared, the Hanoi Pagoda which is a coconut steamed milk banana and the choco-banana crunchy raviolis with vanilla ice cream and nuts




Ohh… it was splendid,

And just when we thought it was over, we had complimentary coconut flakes, if you haven’t taste them, they are sooo addictive!!

coconut flakes



I enjoyed the place and the food a lot, I definitely recommend you to try it!

And oh, don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page to get a closer eye to their menu 😉


Sahtein 🙂


Introducing: Swirlyz

Swirlyz introduces the Funnel Cake to Lebanon. Funnel Cakes exist mostly in the US, they are usually available on board walks and only appear during fairs all over the US.
Swirlyz  started serving the public on Saturday 30th November, serving customers from the age of 2 all the way up to 50+ and they all really enjoyed Swirlyz.
At Swirlyz only one item is served, “the funnel cake” and they use digital display menus available on both sides of the stand. The menu is simple and straightforward, they serve the regular which comes with powdered sugar or powdered cinnamon. The other options are served with Maple Syrup or Nutella. They also serve water and espresso as complimentary items to their offering.
I tried one with powdered sugar and Nutella and the one with cinnamon and Maple Syrup and they were amazingly delicious.
Swirlyz are always jumping from one place to another, I got the chance to try them in ABC Achrafieh, but now they’re in Souk El Tayeb in Beirut Souks.
Did you get the chance to taste them?


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