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Dressember Day 30 In Collaboration With Sarah Bond

Today is the last day of my Dressember 2014 challenge, if you don’t know what it is, you can check my previous post here.

I kept the best dress for the last, as it’s a reveal of a collaboration with the creative Sarah Bond, you can see her latest work that she showcased in the Christmas trunk show that she did in White Sur White here.

I loved her collection and for today I chose a dress that spoke to me with its vibrant colors and fit cut.

Sarah_Bond (29) FINAL 72 RES


I chose this one shouldered / strapless ready to wear dress, bleu gitane with a touch of yellow (my favorite color <3) that is pleasant to wear, comfortable, elegant and attractive!

Sarah_Bond (39) EDITED 72 RES

Sarah_Bond (19) edited 72 res

Sarah_Bond (43) edited

The photos were shot in the streets of Achrafieh using my canon 7D and Sarah Bond behind the cam.

Thank you Sarah for this lovely collaboration, wish you all the best :*

Stay tuned for a recap on my whole Dressember 2014 challenge!


CCCL Sunset Rendez-vous at Amethyste!

I’m starting today’s post with a simple and touching quote:

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” ― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass


And this how the Children Cancer Center Lebanon (CCCL) organized two days ago an Elite VIP event that was held at the Amethyste Lounge in Phoenicia Intecontinental Beirut for a noble cause

Where Fashion meets Passion for a Noble Cause

The first Global Party Elite VIP’s event in Lebanon included a Fur Fashion show by G. Nasrallah and a Walk-in Closet by International Lebanese Designer Georges Hobeika, in addition to live entertainment, and live food stations.


The fur collection was nice, my favorite was the white one with a bit of grey. But I felt bad for the models, it was too hot and they had to walk a long way, between the people, wearing them :S

The Georges Hobeika collection was interesting too, his dresses are  chic yet simple, with a lot of vibrant colors and different textures.

Attendants had the chance to benefit from a discount when purchasing any item of the collection and at the same time supporting the children of CCCL.

It was nice to attend such an event, and to meet fellow bloggers, PR and friends.

I think it’s a nice initiative and I encourage everyone to support the CCCL center in any way they can.



The dress I was wearing is from “Ma Petite Boutique” in Achrafieh

Lipstick: MAC fusion Pink



Since the 18th century the Mouzannar Family has been established as leading fine jewelers in the Middle East. In the 1950s the late Aziz Mouzannar and his brother Walid made significant contributions to the transformation of Beirut’s Jeweler’s Souk, positioning it as a main jewelry destination for the entire Middle East.
The Lebanese Civil War destroyed the Souk, but it did not affect the prestige of the Mouzannar family whose name remains as an absolute reference in the jewelry industry.
The creations made by the house of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern tradition and antiquity with a contemporary feel, making them timeless classics, sought for their high value and emotional substance.


And next week, internationally acclaimed jewelry designer, Dori Mouzannar and award-winning jeweler designer Alia Mouzannar are passing by Dubai for 3 days!

Dori & Alia Mouzannar will be showing their unique and limited edition pieces from their latest work that have been featured in the likes of Elle France and L’Officiel.

Join them for 3 days of fashion and glamour at Comptoir 102.

And don’t forget to check their instagram account for the wonderful jewelry creations.



L’Eclaireur settled in the heart of the Puces in Saint-Ouen, in Habitat Vintage clothing. New destination from L’Eclaireur, this gallery hosts design talents, selected by Martine and Armand Hadida.

With the opening of this space, the couple offers a reconstructed face of fashion and design. The Eclaireur creates places as well as spaces of life and discovery suitable for informed aesthetes.

Today, the workshop which housed the collections of chandeliers in the famous Maison Steinitz welcomes contemporary designers such as Vincenzo de Cotiis, and a selection of
design Vintage clothing.

Fashion is presented virtually through new technologies : a new invitation by L’Eclaireur to be enjoyed from Saturday to Monday.



Imperfection in Perfection


Trained at the Milan Polytechnic, Vincenzo de Cotiis marries the sense of space of an architect with the sensibility to materials of a visual artist.
He forges pure forms – either design objects, ambiances – following an organic process that allows the final product to retain traces of this process.
Touch is as important as sight: the choice of precious materials, raw, sometimes salvaged, always with an intense evocative power, characterizes each project.
Cotiis’ activity includes design for companies like Ceccotti Collezioni, Rossana and Busnelli, interior design for private customers and commercial spaces.
Among his most recent projects are: the Excelsior in Milan and Verona, the new concept for Sportmax shops and Straf Hotel (Milan, 2004).



The series of limited editions from PROGETTO DOMESTICO offers an experimental conception of non-duplicable furnishing pieces more akin to sculpture than design with a functional purpose.
PROGETTO DOMESTICO reinterprets furnishings using materials and salvaged parts
that have been treated with experimental procedures and techniques. This interpretations goes beyond the limits of pure design and its obsession with lines, proposing a vision which is closer to contemporary art than to design.
Unusual shapes give a second life to design elements and prototypes made with recycled
materials, characterized by the passage of time.
The salvaged materials are treated with experimental methods, according to a criterion of industrial reproducibility. The unusual appearance of hand-treated surfaces with texture-effects on objects and material that characterize the production of PROGETTO DOMESTICO as recycled wood, fiberglass, resin, leather, brass and iron are true visual and tactile experiences.



Introducing: Batchig


Batchig by Mayrig a new concept serving regional specialties with an Armenian twist.



When you first walk in to Batchig by Mayrig, you have this sudden feeling of walking into something familiar, something comfortable. The smiling host greets you as if you’ve come in to someone’s house. On the walls and on tables, framed pictures of family members smile at you. The decoration is minimalistic, yet welcoming. Key design elements make you smile with their effective simplicity, and the modern and fresh design has a touch of tradition in it.


The first major thing you notice is the big oven in the end of the room. There, chefs, dressed in white, bake some of the restaurants delicious bread-based items, including house specialties like Azniv (flatbread with tomato, cheese, and crispy Armenian sausages), Anayis (rocket, tomato, and basterma), and Arpi (the (in)famous “saroukh” with cheese, onions, and chili powder), all named after the wonderful women who’ve created the extensive menu.

The ground floor is an open space, with white tables, a marble buffet (with delicious oil-based specialties they like to call “The Delights”), and artificial flowers (a wink at the 1980s). Here, families, friends, and lovers are sitting enjoying some excellent food, drinks, and arghilehs in a convivial setting. Upstairs, the space overlooks the lively scene below and it is the ideal place to hold family dinner or a business lunch.

The true jewel of Batchig, however, is the charming garden. Lined with lemon and jasmine trees, the outdoor area is bursting with energy, and is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon drink (like the wonderful basil lemonade) or a late night arghileh (try the mint and meskeh flavored one). A giant tree in the middle gives plenty of shade, and outdoor fans make it an ideal summer destination.

Throughout, the furniture is a modern twist on Lebanese classics, as are the table settings. Floral plates, old-fashioned glasses, and colorful patterns create an atmosphere that is homey and comfortable.


But, of course, the real reason to come to Batchig is the food. Stemming from the excellent tradition of Mayrig, Batchig takes modern Armenian food and instills it with flavors of the Levant. All of the Mayrig favorites are there, including Mante, Sou Beureg, and the tasty Maamoul bi Jebneh, but it’s the new creations that truly define this dinning experience. Try the Jawaneh and Dafadeh for starters, then enjoy a Arayes sandwich, some Sfiha Baalbakieh, a variety of pots, and all of the delights that come out of that firewood oven. For dessert, the Pain Perdu-ian is an Armenian interpretation of the famous dessert, and the Forêt Noire will take you back to your childhood.

Throughout your meal, you’ll have smiling waiters, chirping birds, and you’re certain to run into a few friends you haven’t seen in a while. As a final touch, the eccentric music brings together Michael Jackson, Charles Aznavour, and Asmahan, just as it would on your playlist at home. All in all, Batchig brings all of the things we love about Mayrig (excellent food, friendly service, and tradition) and transforms it into a younger, laid back restaurant that is a welcome addition to the area.

I had the chance to visit Batchig for Mother’s day brunch, with my mum. We were seated in the garden, the weather was just perfect and enjoyed the delicious food, I’ll let the pictures talk…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you missed the Mother’s Day brunch, and the Easter Monday brunch, starting May, you’ll be able to enjoy a brunch every Saturday, plus enjoy a Karaoke night with Oud player every Tuesday night. Oh, and don’t miss the picnic brunch on Labor’s Day!

Introducing: The Spring/Summer 2014 Collection by MAISON RANA






With the urban woman in-mind, the “SIMPLICITY” collection hosts designs that are made for the active, glamorous, chic and independent. This MAISON RANA® SS14 season brings geometric print in black & white, accentuated with silver or gold-embroidered trims from the gulf heritage as touches to each design, a tribute to wonderful cities we love.

With MAISON RANA®’s trademark minimalist design, this contemporary collection mixes between symmetric cuts, high-end fabrics, classic colors, touches of pastel… all aimed at bringing staple pieces to a woman’s wardrobe.

“I intentionally mixed fabrics while keeping my usual simple design aesthetic, in an aim to create staple pieces that are truly a Must-Have in a woman’s wardrobe.” Comments Rana Mouawad, designer behind the MAISON RANA® label. “Women who choose to wear MAISON RANA® are ones who dictate their own sense of style. They are not shy to step away from the crowd and lead instead of follow. This collection is for them.”


What do you think of the collection? 

What’s your favorite item?

Men’s Fashion: The « cross-training » sneakers by LANVIN

Travels, adventures… The Lanvin man hurries towards his destiny as if he were on the run, with a backpack, a giant orange Doctor Bag or numerous cross-training sneakers in new colors and materials.


The new star of the Lanvin shoes is the cross-training sneaker. Its modern look is created using a patchwork of luxurious materials with a couture finish: using nine differently treated varieties, the leather combines both discreet and overtly bright colors. Grained and smooth calf, calf with metallic cubes, rubberized calf, grained goat, mesh, technical fabrics, plastic inserts… The series includes seven different designs.


Which one do you like most?

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