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Breakfast At Al Mandaloun Café

I went for a ladies breakfast at Al Mandaloun Café in Dbayeh. It became of a ritual, whenever my friends & I have a cause to celebrate something, we just drive there. This time we were celebrating the start of a successful, golden New Year!

We fell in the love with the place because the interior is so friendly and cozy, we almost feel at home. The burgundy used on the furniture, gives the place a warmer feeling, the lanterns and the watches on the wall gives it a unique touch.

What’s also interesting is that Al Mandaloun Café offers a breakfast buffet that is filled with different choices of cheese, labne, ham, eggs, vegetables, croissant, cakes, bread, juice …

I always order a special omelette with cheese, bacon and herbs and I mix orange and carrot juice for a boost effect. And my favorite part comes with the cakes, there’s a special one that is juiced, not sure what it’s called, but it’s heaven for me!

They have a little boutique, where you can buy cute teapots, and different alcohol kinds.

For the Christmas season, they had cookies and gingerbread cakes as gifts ideas for your loved ones.

Have you been to Al Mandaloun Café?  


Tasting Lord Of The Wings New Menu!

I was invited to a tweetup to try the new menu at Lord Of the Wings in Kaslik.

We were offered around 18 items to try, I didn’t try them all honestly, because my tummy couldn’t handle that much.

We started with the smoked salmon and avocado potato skins, loaded chicken and veggie quesadillas.

The smoked salmon on potato is a new idea, honestly preferred it from the traditional ones, since i’m decreasing the quantity of bread from my diet. And the chicken quesadillas were really tasty.

Followed by Quinoa salad and Asian beef salad


Then wings were flying on the table, we tried  traditional wings tossed in buffalo mild sauce, grilled wings tossed in citrus pepper sauce and boneless wings tossed in garlic parmesan.

There were also American Artisan bread also, but I honestly didn’t taste them, to leave place for the real deal burgers!

We were surprised by the American, the bistro burger, and the Nippon chicken

And the most appetizing item for me is in the hearty sandwiches section, the pulled pork & slaw, miam..miam… the club sandwich was really good also, you could see the cheese melting….


A good meal has to end well, especially with the authentic cheesecake and the caramel lazy cake!


The new menu has a really wide variety of items and is a must try!

The new menu is here… at Crepaway!

I was invited to try the new items on the menu at Crepaway, and all I can say is Very Well done Chef!

crepaway 051

A lot of new items were added to the menu, from starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches and dessert!

As starters my sister and I tried the Onion Kings (= Onion rings) and Crunchy Bites (Shrimps with tartar and cocktail sauces)

Then we tried the new and revised Rasta Pasta

crepaway 054

Rasta Pasta

Digging deeper, we tried the Cordon Blues burger and the sea food club sandwich

The Cordon Blues is a heavenly burger, the meat hides in it melting cheese, and carrying on it some more cheese, bacon, and onion rings…. You can’t get enough of each bite ❤

To end it the right way, we tried the Munchmallow and the Melteaser!!

The Munchmallow was good, but the Melteaser was..oh so orgasmic! A true heaven on earth dessert, it is a MUST TRY!! ❤

It was a great pleasure to try the new items, thank you Crepaway for this wonderful and tasty experience.

Did you try any of the new items? Which one is your favorite?

Goodbye Summer Party on the top of Square Lounge!

I am a summer person and it’s really hard for me to say goodbye to the season that is full of life, activities, parties and fun.

I should have posted this post a while ago, because the party took place at the end of September, but I still don’t want to let go…

Movenpick Hotel’s goodbye summer party was on top of the heap! We were well welcomed at the door of the hotel, with a special setting of the living fountain romanesque statue to take pictures, then we were accompanied to the Square Lounge.

movenpik 010

The Square Lounge was full of good vibes, amazing beats and delicious bites.

Enjoying the breathtaking sea view, we were also entertained with acrobatic art and cute memes.

It was a splendid evening, wishing Movenpick Hotel a great winter season!

GodFather event at Cavalli Caffe: Where Crime meets Fashion!

I got really excited after received an intriguing invitation in my inbox about a themed event: “GodFather” event in Cavalli Caffe. Dress code was chic Black & White!

But why was I so so excited? Since ever, Cavalli has always been one of my favorite brands ❤

And the idea of mixing between crime and fashion was enthralling!

I got there, to find surprises waiting for us; black hats, red roses, cigars and toy guns. Just like in the movie!

Cavalli 084_


Fellows fashion bloggers, as well as food bloggers and a lot from the online community attended the event. The ambiance was really nice, the dress code colors were homogeneous with the interior animal print. Red lipstick and sangrias were adding color and life.

The food was appetizing, perfect temperature and taste!


Thank you Cavalli Caffe for this offbeat event, and until next time :*


Kahwet Leila is Now in Hamra!

After having a surprise visit by the friendly Leila, to invite me to the opening of “Kahwet Leila” restaurant branch in Hamra facing Picadelli, I got really excited to attend the event.

kahwet Leila (1)

When I got there, I was fascinated by the small details that were taken care of, like the small coffee cups written on them Leila, the pink cotton candy that added a lot of life and old memories, the beautiful old collection cars…

As I entered to discover the place, the event was taking place at the beautiful garden, where you forget that you are located in Hamra, in the middle of Beirut!

Then we got the chance to taste the delicious new items from the menu…

I loved their new branch, it’s so big and spacious, the food is tasty.

I’m not fan of arguile, but people were enjoying it without annoying others with the smoke, because it’s an open space.

Leila was their all evening, taking pictures with everyone and making sure all is good.

For all Hamra lovers, you should try Kahwet Leila!!

kahwet Leila (20)

Indulging: La Petite Maison

After London and Dubai, the Nice-born La Petite Maison reached Lebanon at Le Vendôme Hotel, in Ain Mrayseh, in Beirut.

And I had the chance to try this casual chic restaurant about 2 weeks ago 🙂

petite maison_logo


This French Mediterranean restaurant, set in a casual chic atmosphere, serves classic Niçoise cuisine with a modern twist, creating light, healthy and deliciously palatable dishes with the very best fresh raw materials. The concept is Mediterranean, especially inspired from Nice. Plates are served in the middle of the table to be shared and enjoyed by the  guests, a great way for people to foster togetherness  over sensational meal. Prepared  à la minute  –  nothing  is cooked  or  even  cut  ahead  of  time  – this  Niçoise Mediterranean cuisine with Ligurian Italy influences from across Nice is presented as of when ready to maximize the culinary experience.

After discovering the space and being seated, the waiter was so kind to take us on a menu tour and indicate to us the signature dishes.

The degustation started with one of the unique bar menus, the Tomatini made with vodka, fresh cherry tomatoes and white balsamic vinegar, with salt and pepper seasoning.

la petite maison (2)

I am not a fan of bloody mary, but this thing is totally different, it’s much lighter and the tomato is so fresh, that you will keep you asking for more…

While our meal was getting prepared, I took a tour to check how things are being done. The salmon and the tuna were being cut on the spot, I went into the kitchen and took a look at the famous oven, where all the yummy dishes are baked… I got so hungry 😉


I joined the table again, the hors d’oeuvre we chose were served: burrata with tomatoes and basil, tuna carpaccio, warm prawns with olive oil, deep fried baby squid, and the famous Caesar Salad.

The Caesar Salad is one of Chef  Patron  Raphael  Duntoye latest signature dishes, and it features Roman lettuce quail eggs, oyster mushroom, baby artichokes cooked in gastrique marinade with sherry vinegar and honey to create the illusion of bacon and chicken.

Then it was time for the main dishes, rigatoni with Ceps mushroom, grilled veal chop, pan-fried Dover sole with a grainy mustard dressing, and of course fries and broccoli as side order.


We had to spare some space for the dessert too, we had the warm chocolate mouse with malt ice cream, passion fruit posset with fresh mango and a selection of sorbet


La Petite Maison philosophy is simple: “Tous célèbres ici”. Heard, it holds two meanings: “Everyone is Famous Here” and “Everyone Celebrates Here”. The restaurant welcomes people who savour exceptionally great, shared, home-style food, cooked with passion, and the best of fresh top quality sourced ingredients, prepared à la minute, there and then.


I enjoyed a lot the ambiance and the food, I highly recommend you to try this place. And what makes it more distinctive is the art.

The art of La Petite Maison represents the eccentric style of the 20th century painters of the South of France, Mediterranean in style and color, often child-like, bright, garish, provocative and clashing.

The trademark saucepans were created and designed by Max Cartier, a Nice based artist, and the saucepans throughout the world feature an image of the male or female part.

Max Cartier also designed the covers of the unique La Petite Maison menus.


lpm_menu cover



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