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Cooking with Annette’s

I was invited with a bunch of fellow bloggers to discover the world of Annette’s through a cooking session that took place at the KitchenLab in Gemmayze.


We waited until we were all gathered, we all wore the chef’s hat and apron and we were ready to start the cooking experience.


With the help of the chef, we used Annette’s flour to create a dough for our zaatar mankouche. while waiting for it be baked, the chef prepared pasta with tomato sauce and an exquisite strawberry tart.

When all the dishes were ready, we all sat and enjoyed a healthy dinner together!

Annette’s high-quality, low carbohydrate flour and products are the fine result of two years working alongside an international team of doctors and food technologists, to provide the best in quality.

The refined taste and premium healthy ingredients, especially developed for those with type 2 diabetes, are what makes them unique.

Thank you Annette’s and KitchenLab for this unique and wonderful experience! It was great to know that I can still enjoy my favorite meals with less carbs to stay fit!



A Joyous Week-end!

I have bought a deal from Scoopcity for Mir Amin Palace a while ago, and on purpose made the reservation in November, because it’s my birthday and I always wanted to spend my birthday in this magical palace!

And to make my week-end even better, I got the opportunity to have the Renalut Captur for a test drive from Bassoul Hneine! How awesome can it get? 😉

I passed by Bassoul Hneine on Saturday morning, was well received by their team in the new, revamped showroom in Sed El Bauchrieh, had all the instructions about the crossover and was ready to go!

Passed by my friend M. whose birthday was also a while ago, and off we went for the most pleasant, and peaceful ride ever!

We weren’t very sure about the way we need to take, but we weren’t frustrated, because the new Renault‘s satellite navigation system with touch screen was to the rescue! I entered our location and our destination, and we were guided all the way!

There wasn’t much traffic that day and in no time we arrived to the magical palace, just in time to rest a bit and watch the sunset fade away…

Then we enjoyed an exquisite dinner in their Arabic restaurant. We so wanted to enjoy the rest of the night in their Cave, but we were both drained and sleepy, we missed it!

Then woke up early to catch the amazing weather and have a stroll next to the palace, admiring the wonderful nature…

Afterwards, we sat outside, under the sun to get some vitamin D and enjoy the Lebanese breakfast

We got lucky to have the sun shining during this period, the palace was crowded with people and our stay was really relaxing. It was very hard to say goodbye to this amazing palace, that will always keep me dreaming of the next visit…

The way back to Beirut, was also very smooth, the Captur is certainly a distinctive compact SUV.

As the Captur is based on the Renault Clio, there’s plenty in common between the vehicles. The front end is especially impressive, with a gigantic diamond badge dominating the whole front end of the car. The side features the same sort of character lines as the Clio, with the lower door trim creating the impression of an arched back. The back is strikingly similar to that of the Clio Sport Tourer (the new one), but the cut of the rear quarter glass is much more dynamic.

The Captur achieved a 5-star rating at the 2013 EuroNCAP tests. Between its standard safety equipment it has three-point seat belts, two airbags, cruise control, speed limiter, ESC, ABS and audible and visual seat belt reminder warnings

The Renault Captur is a comfortable car, economical and easy to drive. Love the look of it and the two-tone color schemes available are stunning.

How do you like to spend your week-ends?

Do you share the same passion for Mir Amin Palace?

Did you get the chance to check the Renault Captur?

Splendid dinner at Mayrig!

I have been planning to visit Mayrig for a while now, until I went last week, to celebrate the birthday of my dear Armenian friend P.

Mayrig is a beautiful stone house located in the middle of Gemmayze. It is an Armenian restaurant that adapts the popular classics of Armenian cuisine, while generously borrowing from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences.

In their menu, their chef uses spicy ingredients and dewy-fresh harvests from the entire region, to deliver their clients delicately hand-crafted creations

My friends and I tried a combination of the appetizers and main dishes. We had the Armenian tabboule, Itch, the famous Lahm Bi Ajin, Divine Su Beurek, Mouhammara, Manteh and Fishne Kebab. And of course we ended it up with different flavors of their delicious ice cream.


The interior setting is so charming and relaxing, it will make you wanna come back for more…



My outfit for the evening // Dress: Promod // Cross Body Bag: Mango


Until next time…


Have you been to Mayrig? Do you like Armenian food? 

Indulging: La Petite Maison

After London and Dubai, the Nice-born La Petite Maison reached Lebanon at Le Vendôme Hotel, in Ain Mrayseh, in Beirut.

And I had the chance to try this casual chic restaurant about 2 weeks ago 🙂

petite maison_logo


This French Mediterranean restaurant, set in a casual chic atmosphere, serves classic Niçoise cuisine with a modern twist, creating light, healthy and deliciously palatable dishes with the very best fresh raw materials. The concept is Mediterranean, especially inspired from Nice. Plates are served in the middle of the table to be shared and enjoyed by the  guests, a great way for people to foster togetherness  over sensational meal. Prepared  à la minute  –  nothing  is cooked  or  even  cut  ahead  of  time  – this  Niçoise Mediterranean cuisine with Ligurian Italy influences from across Nice is presented as of when ready to maximize the culinary experience.

After discovering the space and being seated, the waiter was so kind to take us on a menu tour and indicate to us the signature dishes.

The degustation started with one of the unique bar menus, the Tomatini made with vodka, fresh cherry tomatoes and white balsamic vinegar, with salt and pepper seasoning.

la petite maison (2)

I am not a fan of bloody mary, but this thing is totally different, it’s much lighter and the tomato is so fresh, that you will keep you asking for more…

While our meal was getting prepared, I took a tour to check how things are being done. The salmon and the tuna were being cut on the spot, I went into the kitchen and took a look at the famous oven, where all the yummy dishes are baked… I got so hungry 😉


I joined the table again, the hors d’oeuvre we chose were served: burrata with tomatoes and basil, tuna carpaccio, warm prawns with olive oil, deep fried baby squid, and the famous Caesar Salad.

The Caesar Salad is one of Chef  Patron  Raphael  Duntoye latest signature dishes, and it features Roman lettuce quail eggs, oyster mushroom, baby artichokes cooked in gastrique marinade with sherry vinegar and honey to create the illusion of bacon and chicken.

Then it was time for the main dishes, rigatoni with Ceps mushroom, grilled veal chop, pan-fried Dover sole with a grainy mustard dressing, and of course fries and broccoli as side order.


We had to spare some space for the dessert too, we had the warm chocolate mouse with malt ice cream, passion fruit posset with fresh mango and a selection of sorbet


La Petite Maison philosophy is simple: “Tous célèbres ici”. Heard, it holds two meanings: “Everyone is Famous Here” and “Everyone Celebrates Here”. The restaurant welcomes people who savour exceptionally great, shared, home-style food, cooked with passion, and the best of fresh top quality sourced ingredients, prepared à la minute, there and then.


I enjoyed a lot the ambiance and the food, I highly recommend you to try this place. And what makes it more distinctive is the art.

The art of La Petite Maison represents the eccentric style of the 20th century painters of the South of France, Mediterranean in style and color, often child-like, bright, garish, provocative and clashing.

The trademark saucepans were created and designed by Max Cartier, a Nice based artist, and the saucepans throughout the world feature an image of the male or female part.

Max Cartier also designed the covers of the unique La Petite Maison menus.


lpm_menu cover



Interview: Chef Rabih Fouany

Two days ago, Ksara winery and Eau De Vie restaurant organized a sensual and culinary experience.

eau de vie

The Head Chef Rabih Fouany, created a 4 course menu to compliment Chateau Ksara wine making heritage.

Get to know him more and the dishes he prepared here

chef fouani



1- When did you decide that you wanted to be a chef?

I guess the feeling started since I was a child. It was triggered by my Mother, as I used to watch her cook and prepare delicious meals and wait to see the guest’s reactions …. and they were always amazed.


2- Who were your teachers? Who influenced you to become a chef? 

I had this great passion within me for cooking and it was developed and influenced even more when I used to see the creativity and unusual dishes of the Star Chefs around me.

As for my teachers and mentors, I had the great opportunity to work with: Meilleur ouvrier de France Jérôme Leminier, Maitre cuisinier de France Guillaume Brare, Michelin star chef Alain Passard.


3- What are your essential ingredients, that you use in cooking?

Two Essential things: Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs


4- What’s the one cooking tool, that you can’t work without?

my knife 🙂


5- 3 adjectives that describe your cuisine

Modern, innovative and unique.


6- What are you preparing for the Ksara wine maker dinner?

Shrimps and maple:

Shrimps salad, crunchy root vegetables, emmental cheese and maple vinaigrette

– Chestnut & duck liver 

Chestnut velouté, truffles aroma and duck liver ‘croustilles’

Black Angus, tarragon & mustard

Beef tenderloin gently grilled, spinach ‘au gratin’ and tarragon mustard sauce

Green tea cremeux & hot cherry clafoutis

Creamy Green tea served in a martini glass with hot cherry clafoutis


7- Do you use wine in your recipes?  

 I believe cuisine without wine has a poor taste. One of my favorite sauce recipe and which became a favorite for the guests is based on Wine :the red wine shallot sauce”


8- What’s your favorite comfort food? 

I don’t have one favorite but I would say Mediterranean cuisine & modern European cuisine are top ranked as my comfort food.


9- What advice would you give house wives who are inspired by your style of cookery?

Every one of us has a hidden Chef inside him …  By attending my cooking class for two sessions you will be able to add experience and value to your kitchen.



Did you attend the event?

Will you be attending Chef Rabih Fouany cooking classes? 


bar tartine


BarTartine is a restaurant that opened recently in Mar Mkhayel area.

I discovered it first through Facebook and I fell in love with it before tasting, the pictures of their baguettes, tarts, brioche… are so appetizing! So I NEEDED to try it!

I went last week with my friends for a tasting session and it was amazing!! All their items are really really good, not really traditional with a unique taste. And the menu is characterized by its total variety, from Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, to Quiche, cheese sticks, Quinoa salad…

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My friends and I loved the place and we also appreciated its architecture , it’s a revived old building!

So if you haven’t been there yet, you have to pass by and taste their yummy dishes 🙂



Meat the bun!

“Meat the Bun” is a new burger place that opened in Hamra, Bliss Street, just facing Books & Pens.


If you like a juicy burger… Then it’s the place to go!

Their bun is so soft, that molds around its contents, which make it easier to hold it while endeavoring it 😉

And what makes their burgers even more unique, is that every burger takes you to a different destination. You could go to Manhattan, Las Vegas, 5th Avenue… or maybe have a Rodeo Drive 😉

Here are some pictures to feast your eyes 😉

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