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FIVE Things I’ve Learned From My FIVE Years Of Blogging!

Happy Monday everyone!

My day started as normal, having my cup of tea, checking my e-mails, social media channels… Until a lovely e-mail popped into my inbox:

Bonjour Chanty,

Votre blog fête ses 5 ans aujourd’hui !


I smiled and remembered the first day when I hit the button “Creer Votre Blog”.

Back then, I had no idea what a blog is, which platform to choose, how much effort it needed, how to sculpt it, create a fan base, get new ideas… I was clueless!

I remembered how my friend M. was there for me, encouraging me to write and always interacting with me. I remembered the awesome tweeps, who stood by me, helped me when I had a question, favorited and RTed my posts. I remembered that sometimes, I got ideas block and questioned myself if I should stop blogging. But you, my dear readers, were my strength, you gave me hope, courage and confidence! Each time I’m on the streets and someone stops me asking me if I’m Le Blog De Chanty, it gives me pride, and it assures me that I shouldn’t stop Blogging!

Here are 5 things that I have learned from my journey till today!

1- Don’t worry about Blogger’s Block!

who wore it best!

Who wore it best!

You will pass by days, you feel your head is empty, you have nothing to talk about, you have nothing new to share with your readers. IT’S NORMAL! Any blogger goes through this phase during his blogging life. Don’t panic! If you don’t feel like writing for a while, don’t! Take some time off, relax your brain, your thoughts and when ever you feel ready to get back to writing, you’ll discover a garden full of ideas!



2- Don’t say “YES” to just any brand!


When you start taking blogging more seriously, you’ll be amazed how brands will jump to get their hands on you. Especially now in Lebanon, that bloggers are starting to have a voice and brands are starting to be more aware of that.

Brands like us and we like them too, but not just any brand! When you have reached a phase and you created an identity to your blog, some brands don’t fit in it and if you include them, you’ll be ruining your blog’s theme!

Be wise, build your own identity with time. It’s not easy, it might take a lot of time for you to really know what you really want to focus on, but you’ll get there. And when you do, stick to it!


3- Socialize!

Socializing is a crucial element in your blogging life.


You exist, behind your platform, your blog’s name, Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram filters… But people still want to know who you really are. They want to see how this person giving all those tips and tricks, looks like in real life.

This will bring you closer to your readers, you will start having deeper relationships with them, they will become your family. They will ask for things, and you will blog about them.

Not also you will keep a link with the exiting fan base, you will meet new people and your niche will grow stronger!

The purpose of socialization is to make your blog more open and attract the largest amount of readers possible.


4- Be there for others!


From the Oysho Yoga event!

I believe that Life is a give and take relationship. Be inspired and be inspiring.

I remember a lot of times when I had confusions, I used to asked other fellow tweeps / bloggers and we shared a lot together. This is how people grow!


5- Keep in mind your “Readers”!


Abd El Wahad 15th anniversary

Readers are the reason of your existence, that’s why you should always listen to what they tell you, and suggest to you!

Your posts should be dedicated to them, provide them with good quality, helpful posts. Reduce the text and include more visuals to keep them attracted!

In other words, if you don’t feed their appetite, they will stop coming back to you!



I hope my tips will be helpful to all the new bloggers, an I’m looking forward to know more about the blogosphere and will do my best to keep coming with attractive, and fashionable content.

Thank you all again for your support, I couldn’t make it without each and every one of you 🙂


You can show your love to Le Blog De Chanty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



Le Gray Beirut Instagram Competition

Le Gray is a luxury hotel, in Beirut, facing Al Nahar building.

le gray

It is known for the unique rooftops “Indigo on the Roof” and “Cherry on the Rooftop”, plus a “Cigar Lounge” and the street level “Gordon’s Cafe”.

Le Gray is already present and active  on Facebook, not active on twitter though!

And now they’re on INSTAGRAM 🙂

le gray insta

And on this occasion, a competition has been launched offering the chance for the highest voted 3 photos to win very interesting prizes.
After its Facebook page, Le Gray Beirut has launched its Instagram account with a fun competition that invites the guests and visitors to take pictures and post them on Instagram using the assigned hashtags; #atlegray, #atindigo, #atgordons, #atcherry, #atpoolounge. The tagged pictures are directly posted on the blog atlegray.com to receive the votes which are open until January 15th, 2014 at midnight.
To win, the participants can ask their friends to visit atlegray.com and vote for them. Interesting prizes are offered for the 3 highest voted pictures; a one-night stay for 2 at the Presidential Suite with dinner at Indigo on the Roof and a spa experience at PureGray; A three-month membership at PureGray Health Club and Spa and finally an invitation for 4 to enjoy Bar ThreeSixty with its unparalleled views, mouth-watering bites, innovative cocktails and wonderful entertainment program.


The idea is really nice and interesting and it can be a good step towards having a good fan base and exchange with their fans. But I’m not sure how this campaign will be a success to the hotel, since their Instagram account barely has two pictures from their part and they’re only following two people. It’s not communicate well yet on their Facebook, they just changed their cover page.

It checked the dedicated website they created, people started using the hashtags and there’s a good amount of pictures in the gallery.

For voting, you need to log in through your Facebook account or Instagram account and of course you can only vote once per photo.

I will keeping an eye on it, to see how the competition will pick up…

What do you think of Instagram competitions?

Do you think they did it the good way? Or they could have done it in a better way?

I Would love to hear your feedback 🙂

Meet The Blogger #7: Maya from Playing with Fashion

Today’s blogger shares with us her latest makeup buys, her daily outfit and she pays a lot of attention to her accessories, as if they’re part of the outfit, get to know more about her…



1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start blogging and why did you decide to Blog about fashion?

I think I can speak for most of the bloggers, when I say that we started blogging because of our excessive passion for fashion and the urge to speak our mind. In addition to that, I started my blog as a photo diary where I post my outfits almost everyday, thus making me able to go through them from time to time and learn to be more creative in my looks without being stuck in the same style.

2- We can see that lately you’re interested in Make-up, do you have any favorite brands and colors?

I have always been interested in Makeup, I even dare say more than I am in fashion. As, I mentioned in the question above, when I started my blog it was all about getting myself out of the outfit routine I was going through, where I only wore this top with that bottom. Later on, when I started blogging more frequently, I decided that I wanted to start talking about my other passion too, thus making me more open to my readers and maybe more versatile and interesting to read.

I don’t have any particular brand that I favor over others, I pretty much love and use different products from all the brands either high-end or drugstore. But, lately I have been fancying INGLOT’s products, since they offer professional makeup for drugstore prices.

I think most people around me  know that I am a Bold-Lip-Lover, so a deep red lip color is definitely in my comfort zone. With so much action going on my lips, I prefer keeping the rest of my face in nude colors.

3- What is the fashion item that you think can add a lot to an outfit?

For me it is always Accessorizing. You could be wearing a well-put-together outfit, but still look unfinished if you don’t add that little interest either in the form of a Statement Necklace or an Armcandy on your wrists.

Having different accessories in colors and shapes allow you to transform the same outfit into many different looks, by simply changing your accessories. For me, I always go for bold statement necklaces, they are like my “red lips”, I can’t leave the house without them.

For more about her and her outfits, don’t forget to LIKE her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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Meet The Blogger #5: Mona from THEMiNiFASHION

Today’s Blogger started blogging in January 2013, she has a passion for fashion and likes to try everything new, know more about her here under…


1- How long have you been blogging, and why did you choose to Blog about Fashion and Style?

I started my blog in January 2013. But I have been talking fashion since forever, both on a professional and personal level.
I believe blogs reflect the people behind them. Loving fashion and being constantly motivated by it, I find it seamless to blog about it, focusing mainly on the latest fashion news to try to keep the reader and myself more involved with what is new out there.

2- On which topic/section do you like to focus more on your Blog?

There is no specific section I like to focus on. Any news, idea, design, etc…. which flashes to me and that I find interesting, I share it. It may vary from trends, looks, brands, new collaborations, to beauty updates, red carpet events, including seasonal tips… As long as it is fun to write and read about 🙂

3- Do you like to try new trends just when they appear, or do you take your time before adopting a new one?

I am kind of an “avant-garde” when it concerns fashion trends. I could “fish for” and wear new items even if they haven’t become mainstream yet. New trend or not, if I like a certain style, you’ll definitely see it on my blog or on my Facebook page or through the ‘look of the day’ I share through instagram and twitter.

4- Which are your main favorite fashion brands that inspire you a lot in writing your posts?

My inspiration stems from an overlook of the prevailing seasonal trends. As a blogger, latest collections and fashion tendencies overview is a must to keep up with the ever evolving fashion scene. I am a fan of many famous designers (international and local) and brands and I think that every designer or maison de couture has a special signature which I look for and follow.
On a second level, I complete my inspiration by reading international fashion magazines for the newest styles, looks and tips for the upcoming seasons. I follow as well international lifestyle bloggers, street-stylers, non famous fashion people who are nowadays the reference in the fashion world.

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Stay tuned for next week’s fashion blogger 😉

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bar tartine


BarTartine is a restaurant that opened recently in Mar Mkhayel area.

I discovered it first through Facebook and I fell in love with it before tasting, the pictures of their baguettes, tarts, brioche… are so appetizing! So I NEEDED to try it!

I went last week with my friends for a tasting session and it was amazing!! All their items are really really good, not really traditional with a unique taste. And the menu is characterized by its total variety, from Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, to Quiche, cheese sticks, Quinoa salad…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My friends and I loved the place and we also appreciated its architecture , it’s a revived old building!

So if you haven’t been there yet, you have to pass by and taste their yummy dishes 🙂



Amethyste Lounge Launch Party

I attended on May 17 the official opening of Beirut’s Chill out Lounge “Amethyste Lounge” at the Phoenicia Hotel.

Amethyste 1This year, we were welcomed with really cool hats from different colors, lovely music beats, various and tasty food stations from sushi, to mini burgers, hot dogs, risotto…

amethyste 2

Picture courtesy of Beiruting

 And while enjoying the food, we were also entertained with live music performances

amethyste 3

Picture courtesy of Beiruting


It was a great night, like always, you could see everyone enjoying their time, drinking, dancing, giggling…

Amethyste 4

My friends and I enjoying our time 🙂


If you haven’t been there, you have to pass by to check the great atmosphere and taste the delicious cocktails 🙂

Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page for the latest news 🙂


Feeling beautiful with Silkor!

Silkor had launched a competition a while ago for all the ladies who think they need a make-over. A lot sent their pictures to the specialized tab on Silkor’s Facebook page.


I am among the jury who will choose the three winners. The rest of the jury is formed of:

– Lara Tarakjian: The executive director of Silkor

– Elie Turky: Online editorial consultant and writer specialized in women oriented content for the Middle East.

– Monica Karam: partner at social4ce and a social business strategist, blogs about her love affair with shoes and fashion

The 3 finalists will win a total make-over:

– They will benefit from specialized treatments from SILKOR, depending on the skin of every lady.

– The great make-up artist, Hala Ajam will be doing the make-up for each one of them and giving them make-up tips.

– Elie Turkey will be going home with them checking their wardrobes and giving them tips on how to mix and match their outfits in a different way.

The aim of this competition, is to make the ladies “FEEL GOOD”


The jury met the semi-finalists on Saturday, at SILKOR main branch in Solidere, to ask them few questions about beauty, fashion and well-being…


The semi-finalists were all convincing and it was really hard to choose the 3 winners…

You can check all the pictures and videos on Silkor’s Facebook page and on their YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 3 winners, then check the total make-over of each one of them 🙂

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