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Meet The Blogger #14: Anna and Maria from “Notre Closet”

Today’s bloggers, are two cute twins who share the same passion: Fashion, Photography and Travel.

Get to know them more here

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Question 1: We know that you have a deep love for fashion, can you tell us more how it started and how you decided to have a fashion blog?

Hello 😀

We are twins that’s right, but each one had love for something: Anna always loved writing and the online community. And Maria was always good in drawing, sketching and designing. We noticed that year by year, we become a bit far from each other: we have different works, each one her own group… so we decided to create something that will bound us again: our choice was evident. We love fashion, we love photography and travel. We started our fashion blog 😀

We began the photo shoots and posts were coming up. We got amazing feedbacks that encouraged us more.  At the beginning, we wanted to share our personal style and inspirations. Post after post, we wanted to show that it is possible to stay fashionable while being on a small budget and also show that it is ok to wear your clothes over and over again – you just need to be creative and combine the right items and accessories.

Question 2: What is your favorite summer trend?

For this summer we choose crop tops and denim. We just adore those items:D

We are also in love with floral patterns and mixing prints procedure. We like the white and black neutrals and we are having fun with logo shirts 😉


Question 3: From where do you get your inspiration?

We draw inspiration from anything and everything around us: it can be people on the streets, movies, nature, art exhibitions, bloggers, TV shows and music…


Question 4: What is the one thing that you can’t leave the house without?

Anna: make up item: mascara

Other item: pen and a small notebook.

Maria: make up item: lipstick

Other item: necklace and a bar of chocolate 😛

Question 5: What are the colors that you feel more comfortable with?

Anna: I love nude light colors like pink and blue which are very trendy this year. Pastel tones. They show feminism and lot of simplicity, elegance and a chic spirit! I Love also the Leopard texture, it is really fun to play with such patterns and mix it with others.

Maria: on top of my list comes the WHITE color. I love the pastel colors as well.


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Meet The Blogger #12: Lana from L’Armoire de Lana

Today’s blogger is young, and dynamic… She’s stylish, fresh and in love with fashion… Meet Lana Sahely from L’Armoire de Lana 🙂


1-      Can you tell us more on how you decided to start your own blog? And why a Fashion Blog?

L’Armoire De Lana is not my first blog as I used to co-write a blog where I used to post poems, my thoughts on politics, economics and the Lebanese society. I’ve always loved writing and although I had wanted to pursue a journalist carrier, I ended up studying economics.

After completing a couple of internships in Fashion Magazines (U Magazine and Aishti Magazine), I fell in love with the work of a fashion editor and I decided to launch my own blog. It was the fastest way of owning my very own “fashion magazine” without any high costs and inconveniences. Also, nowadays everything is online and I wanted to make to mark my place on the web before the explosion of local blogs.

2- What’s your favorite fashion time period and why?

I love the late 1920s-beginning 1930s because it was like a short period of glory right after the first world war and everyone was into very daring parties, love of fashion and accessorizing. Opulence was the rule for dressing up. The fringes, the headbands, the embroidered short dresses, the shimmery kitten heels, the curled-up hair and the pink lipstick. The Great Gatsby is the best example of that fashion time period.

3- Describe your style in 5 words?

I tend to dress according to my mood so my style greatly varies. I could say: ecclesiastic, refined, sometimes classic, sometimes crazy and surprising.

4- Who/What influences your style the most?

My mother is my greatest influence in fashion, I grew up greatly affected by her picks and by her love for everything that has beauty (whether it’s fashion, food, furniture, art, etc.).

I also read a lot of magazines and international blogs every single day so it inspires me to try new things. Sometimes, I can be walking in the street and see a graffiti that surprises it and me can make me want to wear a specific piece. Inspiration is everywhere, as Coco Chanel once said fashion is everywhere.

5- What are your 4 fashion staples for winter?

For this winter, I would say: a bright purse, a pair of modern combat boots, a patterned pencil skirt and a brimmed hat.

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Meet The Blogger #9: Tracy from Fashion To Tracy

It has been a while I haven’t introduced a new fashion blogger, I was on vacation and didn’t feel like writing at all… But now I’m back and full of life 🙂

Today‘s Blogger is young, fun, very active on Social Media channels, who likes to share with us her latest outfits, whether a lazy day outfit or lovely dress customized especially for her. Here’s more about her…


1- How did you decide to start with your own Fashion Blog?
I have always wanted to blog about my lifestyle mostly but I didn’t know how to start or what feedback I was going to get  so, I decided to start a personal style blog and I named it “Fashion To Tracy”, a window to the stylish side of my life in January 2012.
2- What are the colors that you feel more comfortable with?
I always try to stay away from Black. I was never that comfortable while wearing this color. I usually go for brights like blue, pink, coral during the Summer and white a lot. For Winter, I follow what colors are trending on the catwalk and what suits me best of course.
3- Do you have any new projects coming in?
I recently styled some pieces of the Kardashian Kollection available at Dorothy Perkins Beirut City Center. But, an upcoming project? I will leave it as a surprise!

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Meet The Blogger #8: Lara from Lara Speaks Style

Today’s blogger shares with us her passion with fashion, her favorite styles and the latest trends, get to know more about her


1- Can you tell us more on how you decide to start your own Fashion Blog?

 I have always browsed so many blogs and thought of them as a wonderful way to portray my passion for fashion. However, I thought that they needed lots of connections in the fashion industry which I didn’t have. Later on I figured out that a blog needs effort and passion and you can always start from the bottom in everything, so I decided to go on with follow my dreams in finding my own space in the massive fashion industry. I started my blog in the first day of the year 2013 as a new challenge and adventure in my life.  Today I proudly say that the best step I ever made was following my dream and starting my fashion blog, and I encourage everyone to take this step and never doubt his/her dreams.

2- You’re more into Style, what are the colors that you like to combine together the most?

Playing with colors is something I really love. I usually love to add this pop on color in any clothing item and this is something I really stress on the blog because going matchy matchy is not always the key for a stylish look. I don’t have any specific favorite color combination but I like to do it in most of my outfits to create an edge.

3- Who/What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Ever since I was a little girl my mother was and still is my biggest source of inspiration. Each day I learn more from her since her style is timeless and very creative. After I discovered more about the blogging scene I found myself getting more inspiration from bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, Kristina Bazan, Shea Marie, and many more. However, my favorite blogger is Alexandra from Lovely Pepa since we both have petite bodies and I can get ideas from her on what can be suitable for my body type. Moreover, she is always updated and I love how she combines colors and prints in a very stylish way.

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Meet The Blogger #7: Maya from Playing with Fashion

Today’s blogger shares with us her latest makeup buys, her daily outfit and she pays a lot of attention to her accessories, as if they’re part of the outfit, get to know more about her…



1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start blogging and why did you decide to Blog about fashion?

I think I can speak for most of the bloggers, when I say that we started blogging because of our excessive passion for fashion and the urge to speak our mind. In addition to that, I started my blog as a photo diary where I post my outfits almost everyday, thus making me able to go through them from time to time and learn to be more creative in my looks without being stuck in the same style.

2- We can see that lately you’re interested in Make-up, do you have any favorite brands and colors?

I have always been interested in Makeup, I even dare say more than I am in fashion. As, I mentioned in the question above, when I started my blog it was all about getting myself out of the outfit routine I was going through, where I only wore this top with that bottom. Later on, when I started blogging more frequently, I decided that I wanted to start talking about my other passion too, thus making me more open to my readers and maybe more versatile and interesting to read.

I don’t have any particular brand that I favor over others, I pretty much love and use different products from all the brands either high-end or drugstore. But, lately I have been fancying INGLOT’s products, since they offer professional makeup for drugstore prices.

I think most people around me  know that I am a Bold-Lip-Lover, so a deep red lip color is definitely in my comfort zone. With so much action going on my lips, I prefer keeping the rest of my face in nude colors.

3- What is the fashion item that you think can add a lot to an outfit?

For me it is always Accessorizing. You could be wearing a well-put-together outfit, but still look unfinished if you don’t add that little interest either in the form of a Statement Necklace or an Armcandy on your wrists.

Having different accessories in colors and shapes allow you to transform the same outfit into many different looks, by simply changing your accessories. For me, I always go for bold statement necklaces, they are like my “red lips”, I can’t leave the house without them.

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Meet The Blogger #5: Mona from THEMiNiFASHION

Today’s Blogger started blogging in January 2013, she has a passion for fashion and likes to try everything new, know more about her here under…


1- How long have you been blogging, and why did you choose to Blog about Fashion and Style?

I started my blog in January 2013. But I have been talking fashion since forever, both on a professional and personal level.
I believe blogs reflect the people behind them. Loving fashion and being constantly motivated by it, I find it seamless to blog about it, focusing mainly on the latest fashion news to try to keep the reader and myself more involved with what is new out there.

2- On which topic/section do you like to focus more on your Blog?

There is no specific section I like to focus on. Any news, idea, design, etc…. which flashes to me and that I find interesting, I share it. It may vary from trends, looks, brands, new collaborations, to beauty updates, red carpet events, including seasonal tips… As long as it is fun to write and read about 🙂

3- Do you like to try new trends just when they appear, or do you take your time before adopting a new one?

I am kind of an “avant-garde” when it concerns fashion trends. I could “fish for” and wear new items even if they haven’t become mainstream yet. New trend or not, if I like a certain style, you’ll definitely see it on my blog or on my Facebook page or through the ‘look of the day’ I share through instagram and twitter.

4- Which are your main favorite fashion brands that inspire you a lot in writing your posts?

My inspiration stems from an overlook of the prevailing seasonal trends. As a blogger, latest collections and fashion tendencies overview is a must to keep up with the ever evolving fashion scene. I am a fan of many famous designers (international and local) and brands and I think that every designer or maison de couture has a special signature which I look for and follow.
On a second level, I complete my inspiration by reading international fashion magazines for the newest styles, looks and tips for the upcoming seasons. I follow as well international lifestyle bloggers, street-stylers, non famous fashion people who are nowadays the reference in the fashion world.

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Meet the Blogger #3: Rita from LifeAndStyleAndCo

Our Fashion Blogger for today is a mom for two, stylist, and has a passion for Fashion!

I’ll let you discover more things about her …


1- Can you tell us more on how you decided to start your Fashion Blog?

Ever since I was working in Fashion I used to keep my fashion diary, my favorite looks from magazines, a mood board that used to be my inspiration for my daily outfits. I also used to style my friends when we go shopping together with no effort whatsoever, finding myself proposing items and making them try them, and the fun part was that they end up happily buying them. On the other hand, I love to cook for my family and friends. Then after having kids and deciding I want to spend most of my time with them, I found myself writing, drafting many ideas, that ended up in my blog. Thus my blog is about a woman/a mom’s lifestyle mainly focusing on fashion as well as sharing my food recipes and travel quests.

2- Being a new mother with a nine months toddler is not easy, how are you managing to update your blog at the same time?

I am a mom of a 3 yrs old girl and 11 months boy.
My decision of launching a blog was definitely influenced by being a mom as I find it the best way of sharing my views and ideas while watching over my kids. My previous work required long working hours and weeks of travel.
I blog whenever I feel I’m inspired or I have something I’d like to share. I also have lots of freelance styling projects with magazines and TV shows. It’s all a question of organization with kids but I admit they are my priority and I build everything around them 😉
3-  You’re also a Stylist, how do you describe your style?
I am too many styles gathered in one. Say romantic, sporty, boho-chic, sophisticated… I dress depending on my mood, but one thing combines all my styles: simplicity especially when it comes to make-up, hair and nails.
4- What are your 3 fashion items that you could not live without? 
My watch so I can manage my daily tasks, comfy stylish shoes so I can run after the kids and after my meetings and a bag so I can add up more items than the 3 you asked about 😉 things like eyebrow mascara, hand cream, and much much more 🙂
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