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The Silly Spoon!

While I was checking the new Winter collection by Alice Eddé, there was  the opening of “The Silly Spoon” which is located just facing Green & Glam, Achrafieh, Zahret El Ehsan.


Owned by the two sisters “Lea Majdalani Ayoub” and “Jessica Majdalani”, The Silly Spoon is a fresh and contemporary tableware and home accessories store. Charming and seductive from the moment you walk into the store, tableware pieces and accessories catch your eye at every corner.

Lea and Jessica handpicked every item with today’s modern style in mind, making sure there’s something for everyone. The Silly Spoon is filled with an elegant and enchanting selection of pieces.

My favorite section was the tea sets of course, they have mugs with different sizes and colors.

If you’re around, you have to drop by and check their lovely collection!


Meet The Blogger #8: Lara from Lara Speaks Style

Today’s blogger shares with us her passion with fashion, her favorite styles and the latest trends, get to know more about her


1- Can you tell us more on how you decide to start your own Fashion Blog?

 I have always browsed so many blogs and thought of them as a wonderful way to portray my passion for fashion. However, I thought that they needed lots of connections in the fashion industry which I didn’t have. Later on I figured out that a blog needs effort and passion and you can always start from the bottom in everything, so I decided to go on with follow my dreams in finding my own space in the massive fashion industry. I started my blog in the first day of the year 2013 as a new challenge and adventure in my life.  Today I proudly say that the best step I ever made was following my dream and starting my fashion blog, and I encourage everyone to take this step and never doubt his/her dreams.

2- You’re more into Style, what are the colors that you like to combine together the most?

Playing with colors is something I really love. I usually love to add this pop on color in any clothing item and this is something I really stress on the blog because going matchy matchy is not always the key for a stylish look. I don’t have any specific favorite color combination but I like to do it in most of my outfits to create an edge.

3- Who/What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Ever since I was a little girl my mother was and still is my biggest source of inspiration. Each day I learn more from her since her style is timeless and very creative. After I discovered more about the blogging scene I found myself getting more inspiration from bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, Kristina Bazan, Shea Marie, and many more. However, my favorite blogger is Alexandra from Lovely Pepa since we both have petite bodies and I can get ideas from her on what can be suitable for my body type. Moreover, she is always updated and I love how she combines colors and prints in a very stylish way.

Don’t forget to follow her Blog, on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

Iftar at Khaymet Burj El Hamam!

Ramadan is here and I had to go for an Iftar!

I heard that Burj El Hamam in Movenpick Hotel is having a special Khaymet for Ramadan, so I went to check it out with my friend N.



The tent was already there, they usually have weddings in it, but this month it’s garnished in a very nice way to have the spirit of Ramadan.

We arrived there at sunset, waited for the prayers and started to discover the rich menu.

Of course we started with Lentils soup (there was also chicken soup) and then we starting tasting the traditional Lebanese mezzeh…


Then we moved to taste the wide variety of main dishes, from chicken, to fish, to kharouf me7che… and we made sure to keep place for the yummy dessert, kellaj, fruits, beklewa…

getImage (4)

Photo Courtesy of Beiruting!

It was so delicious, I recommend everyone to try it this month, and you can also pass by for souhour.

Ramadan Kareem



Cherry on the rooftop!

About two weeks ago, I went for a girls night out to The “Cherry On The Rooftop”, which is the lounge of Le Gray Hotel, Downtown facing Al Nahar Newspaper.



The place is nice and cosi, just by the relaxing pool. The music starts smoothly and with time getting late, it gets groovy 😉

We started tasting their exotic drinks


Then we tried their yummy finger food platters

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The weather was perfect that night, it wasn’t windy and not very hot.

There was next to us a group of girls celebrating a bachelorette, enjoying their time, dancing and having fun, then the men came after midnight.


We had really good time!

If you’re searching for a lounge, quiet, classy and fun, then it’s the place to be!


Ladies’ Sunset Chill at Mövenpick Hotel Beirut

I attended last Wednesday, with a group of my best Girl friends, to the opening of Square, the Ladies Sunset Chill at Mövenpick Hotel!



We arrived there just on time for sunset, the view was really amazing! We saw the pools and boats underneath us, some people were diving…

On the sound of nice music, we enjoying our drinks and yummy bites (Sushi, chicken, mini burgers, mini sandwiches…)

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At the end of the evening a draw took place to determine the queen of the ladies night, who won a dinner for four along with a premium bottle of alcohol at Square.

The Ladies Sunset Chill at Square will be taking place every Wednesday from 6h00 p.m. to 9h00 p.m. throughout the Summer Season, where ladies can enjoy complimentary drinks while enjoying endless conversations. Be sure Not to Miss it!




bar tartine


BarTartine is a restaurant that opened recently in Mar Mkhayel area.

I discovered it first through Facebook and I fell in love with it before tasting, the pictures of their baguettes, tarts, brioche… are so appetizing! So I NEEDED to try it!

I went last week with my friends for a tasting session and it was amazing!! All their items are really really good, not really traditional with a unique taste. And the menu is characterized by its total variety, from Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, to Quiche, cheese sticks, Quinoa salad…

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My friends and I loved the place and we also appreciated its architecture , it’s a revived old building!

So if you haven’t been there yet, you have to pass by and taste their yummy dishes 🙂



Amethyste Lounge Launch Party

I attended on May 17 the official opening of Beirut’s Chill out Lounge “Amethyste Lounge” at the Phoenicia Hotel.

Amethyste 1This year, we were welcomed with really cool hats from different colors, lovely music beats, various and tasty food stations from sushi, to mini burgers, hot dogs, risotto…

amethyste 2

Picture courtesy of Beiruting

 And while enjoying the food, we were also entertained with live music performances

amethyste 3

Picture courtesy of Beiruting


It was a great night, like always, you could see everyone enjoying their time, drinking, dancing, giggling…

Amethyste 4

My friends and I enjoying our time 🙂


If you haven’t been there, you have to pass by to check the great atmosphere and taste the delicious cocktails 🙂

Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page for the latest news 🙂


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