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Meet The Author Behind “Un Mois A La Cantine”

“Un mois à la cantine” is the first book by Ms. Mima Skaff Harrouk, it is a guide for every woman wishing the best for her children. It contains recipes attracting children by their appetizing colors and taste and at the same time containing whole and healthy food for them.

Ms. Harrouk explains that the idea of regulating children eating habits was running through her head since childhood; this idea has developed rapidly after becoming a mother and grandmother, especially that moms often wonder about the quality of food served to children at home or daycare, and if their diet is complete and healthy.

Pic 1

Learn more about her and her book here under

1- When did your passion for cooking begin?

It started when my kids were born and began to eat junk food. As a young mother, I was haunted by the idea that I should give my kids the best food with the best nutrients. So I began to educate myself & learn about nutrients’ compositions and their impact on my kids healthy needs.

2- Can you describe your cookbook to us? What is the inspiration behind it?

My kids and my grand kids were my inspiration.

The book contains a full day balanced lunch; a salad or an entrée, a main course, and a dessert, for a period of four weeks. That way, a working mother, doesn’t have to worry about what to cook for her little ones every day.

I got help from a Pediatrician & a Dietician, in order to balance the meals.

3- Which is your favorite recipe from the book? 

The Riz aux poivrons, Le Gratin de Poisson & Les Purees de Legumes et De Pommes.

4- What was your biggest challenge when writing your cookbook? 

I wanted to inspire & pass on my recipes to the biggest number of young mothers.

5- Do you have any favorite food blogs?

Although Le blog de Chanty is not a blog specific for food but it is my favorite by far.

Pic 2


I hope this book will be useful to all the mothers wondering how to keep their children healthy.


EighteenSixtySix Court & Suites hosts an Iftar ‘Giving back to the Community’ CSR initiative for 120 Lebanese orphans.

EighteenSixtySix Court & Suites is a new extended stay design hotel that will be opening this summer opposite the American University of Beirut.

1866 _

A special ‘Giving Back to the Community’ CSR initiative Iftar for 120 children orphans between the ages of six to twelve from four Lebanese orphanages was held within the court area of the hotel on July 8th, 2014. The Children were invited from the Dar Al Aytam, Mabarrat Al Sayeda Khadija Al Kobra, Mohamed Khaled and Beit Al Yateem orphanages.


The event, organized by Phoenix Hospitality Management Limited the management company of EighteenSixtySix Court & Suites, aimed to provide the children with an unforgettable evening of entertainment and caring hospitality.


Omar Mamlouk the Managing Partner said, “The aim of the Iftar with entertaining activities and pleasurable hospitality was to bring joy and happiness to the orphans. The children enjoyed activities such as a movie with popcorn from our cinema outlet Prime on Bliss, a gymnastics show by Kamel (Club des deux Clowns), candies from Mr. Amer Arayssi; as well as a delicious Iftar provided by Roadsters Diner, Paul Café, Urbanista Café, and iSoup.”

1866 iftar_entertainment

The directors of the orphanages Dar Al Aytam, Mabarrat Al Sayeda Khadija Al Kobra, Mohamed Khaled and Beit Al Yateem appreciated the initiative and the wonderful hospitality provided by EighteenSixtySix Court & Suites and Phoenix Hospitality Management Limited during the Holy Month of Ramadan.


“We plan to hold this event on an annual basis to ensure that Lebanese children from our orphanages can experience our community within the court, and benefit from the loving environment from our hospitality, that makes Ramadan such a special time,” said Naomi Sargeant, Communications and Marketing Manager for Phoenix Hospitality Management Limited.


Dairy Khoury Family Day!

I was invited on Sunday with my family and other bloggers/media to discover the Dairy Khoury goat farm in Mechmech.

It was a nice road trip, discovering a new area in Lebanon. We passed by Jbeil, then Annaya until we reached Mechmech.

Dairy Khoury 001

We were well welcomed, took a small break and started our visit. We saw the small goats, then the females and the males. Each category is placed in a different area.

We saw how they feed the new-born goats, we also had a demonstration of an echo to a pregnant goat, to check that everything is going well during her pregnancy.

After the interesting tour of the farm and getting to know more stuff about goats and farming, it was time to relax and enjoy the nature.

We had lunch in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by green trees, and enjoyed the activities prepared for the day. There was a very talented saxophonists, playing lovely music, then he was followed by a band playing Arabic songs.


Meanwhile, kids were enjoying their time in nature swinging, they were amazed by a magician show, and they could also do horseback riding.

The food was so fresh and delicious, we got to taste the yummy labne baladyeh, the white cheese …

Dairy Khoury 027

Thank you dairy Khoury for this splendid day, we discovered a new green area in Lebanon, and a nice goat farm 🙂

Tamanna & MINI join hands to bring a smile to Hammoudi


Watched by hundreds of spectators, Tamanna and MINI last Sunday (June 15th) turned Beirut Souks into a “Happy” flash mob to turn tears into laughter for Hammoudi, an 11-year-old boy suffering from an autoimmune disorder.

Hammoudi in MINI

MINI team behind the wheel and friends in the passenger seat, the MINI doors were wide open to the “Happy” song by Pharell Williams. Two of the six MINI cars were dressed as Hammoudi’s favorite superhero characters: Superman and Spiderman and the remaining MINI’s were branded with happy faces to help bring some excitement, strength and hope to Hammoudi life.  Bubble machines were also used to extend the happy mood in addition to smiley face masks all around the set.


Also participating in this magical moment were the dancers from Stun and their choreographer Lyne Ghandour, Live Love Beirut, Solidere and Red Bull.

MINI Tamanna 3

Commenting on MINI’s involvement in Hammoudi’s surprise flashmob; Natalie Khalife, Marketing Manager for BMW Group at Bassoul Heneine said: “We were very pleased to partner with Tamanna to make a special contribution to projects dedicated to turning tears into laughter. Tamanna‘s aim is equally important for MINI, the small iconic car has a big heart, fun and caring character, so the partnership with Tamanna is appropriate for the brand. From all our team at Bassoul-Heneine we wish Hammoudi a happier and healthier life.”


As an active member of the Lebanese society and an avid supporter of local charities, Bassoul-Heneine regularly works with organizations to raise awareness for worthy social causes. In this instance MINI yet again revealed that it is not only a fun car that makes people smile, but it is also committed to being an active member of the community who can be counted on to support good causes.


Witnessing the tears of joy from Hammoudi’s parents, Soraya Barbir, Executive Director of Tamanna Lebanon added: “Partnering with MINI was an extremely positive step towards turning this experience into a memorable one. I can’t describe the happiness expressed by Hammoudi and his parents. Tamanna grants the wishes of children suffering from critical illness.  A wish granted brings a little sunshine into lives dominated by pain, providing an escape from reality, lifting the spirits of the child and his family.

FIVE reasons why you should wear a BENSIMON!


I’m sure all of you know the brand BENSIMON, it was available in the Lebanese market long time ago, back when I was in school and I was so happy to see it again in ABC Dbayeh and Beirut Souks, it brought back so many memories…

More than a style, Bensimon became through the years a Lifestyle. Bensimon Collection wants to enhance the personality of everyone in offering the possibility to express himself through endless colorful combinations and where the black has no place.

The Bensimon shoe became a classic, with celebrities and VIPs including Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Marceau, Jane Birkin and Naomi Watts all contributing to the legend.


Julia Roberts wearing a grey Bensimon in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”


Here’s why each one of you should be wearing one right now!

1- It is so Comfortable:  

The Bensimon sneakers are so comfortable, you can wear them all day, jump around, and your feet will be thanking you for your choice.

They become your trusty pair for errands and travel and everything in between.

2- It is aimed to all Generations:

Bensimon‘s collection is getting wider and wider every season, with laces or without, with patterns or without, they have a lovely collection, for daddy, mummy, teenager and baby.

3- It is Stylish:

The Bensimon was inspired by the surplus army canvas sneakers and immediately became a must-have in women’s wardrobes. They are recognizably the iconic French sneaker, actually they became the quintessential French wardrobe piece.

4- It is so Colorful:

The Bensimon is available in a wide variety of colors, from basic colors like beige, light grey, to yellow, blue, green, red, pink…

The collection is also available with different patterns, to embellish all your stylish outfits.

5- You can wear them with anything:

So effortlessly hip, Bensimon sneakers add a little French chic to any outfit from jeans to the prettiest of dresses.  


They are simple and sophisticated, luxurious yet accessible, trendy and basic at the same time, vintage and fresh, humble but legendary, Bensimon is so typically French and yet also so global.

Stay tuned for more Bensimon styling posts!

S’N’B Unveils Luxury Collection of Natural Halal Nail Polishes



Safe ‘N’ Beautiful LC, the specialist natural nail care beauty house, has unveiled its newest range – a luxury collection of breathable, water-based and water-removable nail polishes. The patented formulas, free of alcohol and animal-derived products are also ‘five-free’ of the controversial chemicals DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and its resins. And unlike traditional nail polishes the Halal S’N’B formulation is aqueous and oxygen permeable.

S'N'B Unveils Luxury Collection of Natural Halal Nail Polishes

With a gorgeous palette of modern and refined colours the S’N’B collection is the newest innovation in natural beauty products first showcased in the company’s world-renowned signature line Snails (Safe Nails), designed especially for children and expectant mothers.

S’N’B debuted the new product range at the Middle East’s foremost and influential trade show – Beauty World ME, that took place at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center from the 27th through the 29th May.

To discover more about Safe ‘N’ Beautiful LC., Snails and the new S’N’B collection you can visit their website http://www.safe-nails.com/ and follow them on Twitter @Snails4Kids.

Family event with Volvo!

On Sunday June 16, Volvo had a family event, in their Badaro branch, during the afternoon. I went to check it out with my parents and with my nephew.

They had closed the road for their activities, with Volvo’s on the two sides.

There was a lot of games for kids to play with, and when they win they collect cards to exchange it with gifts afterwards.

There were many cartoons characters, like Goofy, cow, Hello Kitty, Barney…

Plus there was dancing shows, bicycle show…

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It was a nice afternoon, the kids enjoyed their time 😉



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