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Violet Electra!

Fall is here, it’s time to renew our wardrobe as well as our make up.

One of the shades that I’m admiring this season is “Violet/Purple”.

The shades of the same palette like orchid, lilac and lavender are one of the hottest trends this year. What’s nice about these shades is that they are incredibly easy to pull off and can instantly brighten your face. Plus it’s actually a shade that can work on every eye color and skin tone.

purple (15)

Today, I played with Violet everywhere! I applied lilac eye shadow, macroviolet eyeliner, violet  lipstick and nail polish.


After applying the basics, concealer, and powder, I mixed two tones of purple eye shadow.

I used the sweet lilac by Clarins on the inner corner of my eyes, added a hint of smokey by Estee Lauder starting the outside corner of my eyes and make it fade away as approaching the middle.

Then a bit of the lightest eye-shadow under the eyebrows, and today I used the newest item in my makeup bag, the Naked Lunch Frost by MAC.

Then I applied the macroviolet gel eye-liner, also by MAC. It’s easy to use with the brush and it’s long-lasting.

Then I applied a coat of Black mascara by Maybelline, I could have added a hint of purple mascara, but I got lazy 😛

And for the Lipstick, I applied one of the favorite lipsticks that I have, the Violet Electra by Estee Lauder. It has a creamy and weightless texture, the color is so vivid, it illuminates my face 🙂

And the nail polish is Miss conduct by Orly.

What’s your favorite color this fall? Are you into purple tones?

I would love to hear your opinions 🙂 


Lazy Monday Make-up look!


Oh it’s Monday again!

It’s time to turn that alarm off and after several snooze buttons, you will be racing time to get to work on time!

And since you don’t have much time left to put on your make-up, here’s a quick and easy make up look to make you look nice and fresh 🙂

lazy monday look 015

What I wore? Top from Vestiti in Jdeideh, Pants from Sinequanone

After washing your face and applying your day cream, with your fingers apply a dot of concealer under each eye and dab it quickly. My daily concealer is the “Lift Concealer” from Make Up For Ever (#3).

Then apply a hint of powder with the special sponge all over your face and neck. My new powder foundation is the “Everlasting Compact Foundation” from Clarins (#108 Sand).

Then dust the entire lid with the one color eye shadow, a thin layer of course to keep it simple. I used today the “Mono Couleur sweet lilac” from Clarins. And just under the eyebrows I added a touch of light using the light corner of the “Prisme Powder Blush” by Givenchy. 

Then I drew a line on my upper eyelid, it doesn’t have to be covering all your eyelid, it can be just from the outer corner to the center. I used today the “Dark Blue Duo-Chrome” by Bourjois.

Add attention to your eyes with bit of mascara. I applied quickly the “Miss Manga” by L’Oreal. Then I added a touch of the purple “Smoky Lash mascara” from Make Up For Ever on the sides only to add light. You don’t need to have these two steps, you can just apply one of them.

A quick hint of blush. I used today the “Lilas D’Or Blush” from Bourjois.

And finally I applied the “Hawaiian Coral Joli Rouge long wearing lipstick” (#706) by Clarins.

I hope you’re having a beautiful and calm Monday 🙂

Meet The Blogger #14: Anna and Maria from “Notre Closet”

Today’s bloggers, are two cute twins who share the same passion: Fashion, Photography and Travel.

Get to know them more here

photo (8)



Question 1: We know that you have a deep love for fashion, can you tell us more how it started and how you decided to have a fashion blog?

Hello 😀

We are twins that’s right, but each one had love for something: Anna always loved writing and the online community. And Maria was always good in drawing, sketching and designing. We noticed that year by year, we become a bit far from each other: we have different works, each one her own group… so we decided to create something that will bound us again: our choice was evident. We love fashion, we love photography and travel. We started our fashion blog 😀

We began the photo shoots and posts were coming up. We got amazing feedbacks that encouraged us more.  At the beginning, we wanted to share our personal style and inspirations. Post after post, we wanted to show that it is possible to stay fashionable while being on a small budget and also show that it is ok to wear your clothes over and over again – you just need to be creative and combine the right items and accessories.

Question 2: What is your favorite summer trend?

For this summer we choose crop tops and denim. We just adore those items:D

We are also in love with floral patterns and mixing prints procedure. We like the white and black neutrals and we are having fun with logo shirts 😉


Question 3: From where do you get your inspiration?

We draw inspiration from anything and everything around us: it can be people on the streets, movies, nature, art exhibitions, bloggers, TV shows and music…


Question 4: What is the one thing that you can’t leave the house without?

Anna: make up item: mascara

Other item: pen and a small notebook.

Maria: make up item: lipstick

Other item: necklace and a bar of chocolate 😛

Question 5: What are the colors that you feel more comfortable with?

Anna: I love nude light colors like pink and blue which are very trendy this year. Pastel tones. They show feminism and lot of simplicity, elegance and a chic spirit! I Love also the Leopard texture, it is really fun to play with such patterns and mix it with others.

Maria: on top of my list comes the WHITE color. I love the pastel colors as well.


Don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page, and follow them on twitter 🙂

5 Tips to Transition your Wardrobe from Winter to Summer!


The sun is up, the beach is calling, it’s nature’s way of telling you to get that coat back to where it belongs (the back…back… of the closet!) and get out all the fresh and comfy outfits.

tips 005

For me, summer is all about light textures and colors, here are some transitional tips that will help you through

1- Lighten up 

Add light colors to your wardrobe and softer textures.

Pastel  is the “it” shade of the season. The hue comes in different colors from pink, purple, green, coral and blue. Wearing the pretty pale shades head-to-toe is unmistakably feminine, plus it’s also refreshingly au courant.

If you’re not into these colors add more white to your wardrobe. No color is more fresh or crisp than white, so when you wear the hue from head to toe, it results in an exceptionally stylish, high-impact look. 


2- Color of the Year

Don’t forget about the Pantone color of the year: Radiant Orchid. This is another fun way to update your outfit. Wear the color as a shirt, or skirt  –> quick and easy way to bring your look into Summer. 

3- Patterns:

Summer is the perfect time to play with patterns. Florals are popping up in store windows everywhere. Each piece is going to add visual appeal to your outfit and ensure you are transitioning into the summer with a chic and dynamic wardrobe.

4- Accessories


Marella Necklace – IRO white T-shirt

The winter to summer transition is not just an opportunity to mix up your clothing, but also your accessories, make-up, even nail polish.

 Add a statement necklace or earrings to your outfits and keep everything else simple.

5- Beauty

floral 016

Go for a glowing highlighter on cheeks but keep your lips matte. And skip the heavy eyeliner, a neutral eye shadow and thick mascara will keep your look fresh.

Nail polish is another fun way to add a little Spring to your look. Again go for brights or pastels!

makeup 001 (1)

Bourjois Blush and Eye Shadow – Maybelline GO Extreme Mascara, L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara, Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara in purple – Maybelline Nude Lipstick


I hope my tips will be helpful and have a lovely summer 🙂


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Introducing: ARTDECO Glam Vintage collection

ARTDECO - Glamour_Gruppe2


The legendary twenties – no other era comes close to the fascination of this decade which represented a revolutionary era even from a fashion perspective: reservedly elegant during the day but glamorous and sophisticated in the evening. The new feminine Glam Vintage collection by ARTDECO takes us back to the opulence of the 1920s.


ARTDECO - IlluminFluid - AED 105

Illuminating Fluid

The ARTDECO ultra-light “avant-garde” Illuminating Fluid in a practical pump dispenser lends skin a rejuvenated radiance and is ideal for sculpting and perfecting skin. During application, the texture glides smoothly across skin leaving an even and elegant shimmer. High-tech ingredients ensure added radiance and stability while softening lines and minor wrinkles. In order to enhance the natural skin tone, the fragrant Illuminating Fluid can also be combined with a day cream, foundation or body lotion while Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid provide extra nourishment.


ARTDECO - CompactPowder_offen - AED 185

Glam Vintage Compact Powder


The unscented “avant-garde” Glam Vintage Compact Powder leaves a transparent shimmering finish. These delicate, finely-ground powder particles blend perfectly with skin. The paraben-free Glam Vintage Compact Powder is suitable for emphasizing the upper cheeks and can also be used for highlighting eyebrows or cleavage. Available in an elegant designer compact with integrated mirror, the powder is ideal for use on the move.


ARTDECO - Blusher - AED 175_offen

Glam Vintage Blusher


The perfect combination of three delicate pastel colors with an elegant shimmer is offered by the “glamorous liaison” Glam Vintage Blusher which is free of mineral oils. This unscented lusher is distinguished by its great color intensity and stability while Vitamins C and E provide extra nourishment. Free of parabens and lanolin, the Glam Vintage Blusher adds a touch of glamour to any look.

ARTDECO - Mascara_zu

Glam Vintage Lash Designer


Glam Vintage Lash Designer “black” No. 11 makes for expressive eye make-up: this unscented mascara combines extra volume, optical extension, perfect eyelash separation and shaping as well as a sensational sweep. Natural wax extracted from rice bran nourishes eyelashes each time it is applied. This fast-drying mascara is eminently suitable for sensitive eyes.


The Glam Vintage Lipstick emphasizes lips in “glamorous kiss” No. 312, “glamorous valentine” No. 316 and “glamorous flirt” No. 338. The lipstick offers an ideal balance between a longer lasting hold and intensive opacity. Thanks to the texture provided by candelilla, carnauba and beeswax, this silicone-free Glam Vintage Lipstick is gentle and protective on lips.  Optically full and glossy lips are created by the Glam Stars Lip Gloss in “glam star valentine” No. 18 and “glam star kiss” No. 24 where fine glitter particles in the transparent texture make lips sparkle.


This glamorous look is rounded off by Ceramic Nail Lacquer whose “iridescent red” No. 380, “iridescent blue” No. 382 and “iridescent green” No. 384 draws particular attention to nails during the festive season. The nail varnish contains patented ceramic particles making it more resistant and ensuring long-lasting gloss. Polyester resin speeds up drying times as well as reducing discoloration. The high-quality nylon fibers on the brush are perfectly coordinated to the formulation while the brush guarantees particularly consistent application.

4 reasons why you should be wearing lipstick!

I was reading an article the other day about the power of lipstick and how it can make us, women, feel better.

I know it made me feel sometimes nicer, sometimes more confident, sometimes could drastically change my mood,  but I wanted to see if my fellow fashion/beauty bloggers, fashionistas agree with me, and here’s how it went…



I know wearing lipstick could be annoying sometimes, leaving traces on your teeth, applying it several times during the day… but trust me it’s worth it!

Lipstick can boost your mood!


Since ever women had a special relationship with cosmetics, because it maintains and shows the beauty of a woman.

Makeup works because it exaggerates our natural signs of youth, fertility and sexual availability, thus making a woman seem more appealing.

Lipstick in particular has a specific magic, it makes the woman feel attractive, unique and it shows the sparkle in her eyes.

Lipstick can help you get a job! 


Wearing makeup — but not gobs of Gaga – conspicuous makeup — apparently can help. It increases people’s perceptions of a woman’s likability, her competence and her trustworthiness, according to a new study, which also confirmed what is obvious: that cosmetics boost a woman’s attractiveness.

There is also some evidence that women feel more confident when wearing makeup, a kind of placebo effect.

Lipstick will let you look more appealing to the opposite sex!


Guys really do notice your small efforts, especially red lipstick.

Not only did a 2013 French study show that waitresses wearing red lipstick received higher tips from men, but another recent study found that women wearing red lipstick were approached in bars more frequently. Yet another study on the matter found that “red lips would be associated with an indication of estrogen levels, sexual arousal and health, which in turn led to increase the positive perception of the women’s faces.” When you know men are looking your way, it’s hard not to feel better about yourself 😉


Lipstick makes you feel good about yourself! 


Wearing lipstick is like a signature to each women, finding the shade that suits her and the shade she’s more comfortable with.

When you pick a shade that you feel great in, it can become what differentiates you from your peers — it can help you find what makes you you.


Are you wearing makeup today?

What are your favorite shades?

And remember a girl can’t conquer the world without her lipstick!

5 reasons why you should buy the color sensational lipcolor by Maybelline!


Read well what will make you fall in love with the Color Sensational lipcolor by Maybellie New York:

1- Crisper color from pure pigments

2- Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar

3- Lipcolor is so rich, so stunning…it’s sensational

4- 68 captivating shades

5- Won the Glammy Award for best products of 2009: Germany

And the CEW Award for best lip product at Mass: US


It tried the mystic mauve shade (#250), and I fell in love with it at first sight. The smell is so fresh and yummy, it goes really soft on the lips and lasts long!


Do you have any Maybelline Lipstick? Which is your favorite shade?

I’d love to hear your love to beauty products 🙂




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