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Kiehl’s Now In Lebanon!

I was invited a while ago, with my fellow bloggers, to the launch of the American, unorthodox brand Kiehl’s!

photo 3k

With Lara Ajouz from Lara Speaks Style


After we got introduced to this innovative brand, I got more and more curious about it, because I haven’t tested it before, so I went to visit their branch in ABC Achrafieh to get more information.

photo 2

A bit of History

Founded in 1851 by John Kiehl, Kiehl’s began as a homeopathic pharmacy located at 3rd Avenue and 13th Street in the East Village of New York City.

In April 2000, the French beauty and cosmetics company L’Oréal acquired Kiehl’sL’Oréal stated it planned “to increase the brand’s presence but maintain it as a luxury line rather than a mass-market one”.

About their Products

They have a wide range of skin care products for men and women, they also have products for body as well as for hair.

Since I have mixed skin, I learned more about their Oily Skin Care System: The 3 steps to healthier skin.

To prepare my skin in the morning, I should start with the Ultra Facial Oil free Cleanser, which thoroughly removes impurities and visibly reduces excess oil on skin’s surface, while leaving skin looking more balanced, and leaves skin clean and refreshed without over drying.

Then I use the Ultra Facial Oil Free toner which gently removes residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin of vital moisture.

And then apply the Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream, which visibly reduces excess oil on skin’s surface and Re-balances skin barrier for a smoother, fresher appearance.

Mixed skin products

Mixed skin products

If you still didn’t check their products, you definitely should and don’t forget to ask for your samples to test them at home!


FIVE reasons why you should wear a BENSIMON!


I’m sure all of you know the brand BENSIMON, it was available in the Lebanese market long time ago, back when I was in school and I was so happy to see it again in ABC Dbayeh and Beirut Souks, it brought back so many memories…

More than a style, Bensimon became through the years a Lifestyle. Bensimon Collection wants to enhance the personality of everyone in offering the possibility to express himself through endless colorful combinations and where the black has no place.

The Bensimon shoe became a classic, with celebrities and VIPs including Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Marceau, Jane Birkin and Naomi Watts all contributing to the legend.


Julia Roberts wearing a grey Bensimon in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”


Here’s why each one of you should be wearing one right now!

1- It is so Comfortable:  

The Bensimon sneakers are so comfortable, you can wear them all day, jump around, and your feet will be thanking you for your choice.

They become your trusty pair for errands and travel and everything in between.

2- It is aimed to all Generations:

Bensimon‘s collection is getting wider and wider every season, with laces or without, with patterns or without, they have a lovely collection, for daddy, mummy, teenager and baby.

3- It is Stylish:

The Bensimon was inspired by the surplus army canvas sneakers and immediately became a must-have in women’s wardrobes. They are recognizably the iconic French sneaker, actually they became the quintessential French wardrobe piece.

4- It is so Colorful:

The Bensimon is available in a wide variety of colors, from basic colors like beige, light grey, to yellow, blue, green, red, pink…

The collection is also available with different patterns, to embellish all your stylish outfits.

5- You can wear them with anything:

So effortlessly hip, Bensimon sneakers add a little French chic to any outfit from jeans to the prettiest of dresses.  


They are simple and sophisticated, luxurious yet accessible, trendy and basic at the same time, vintage and fresh, humble but legendary, Bensimon is so typically French and yet also so global.

Stay tuned for more Bensimon styling posts!

Summer is here with Paul Fredrick!

Paul Fredrick_logo

Paul Fredrick was founded 25 years ago. Originally specializing in dress shirts, their collection has grown exponentially as has their number of satisfied long-term customers. They design, manufacture and directly distribute every item in their collection. No wholesalers. No store fronts. Just great style at everyday prices.

The Summer 2014 collection is characterized by light and comfortable seer sucker suits, unique patterned ties, and colorful dress dress shirts

Their summer collection features light pastel colors, but also bright bold colors made from lightweight material to keep you smart but not a dripping mess of sweat in summer.

You can see a lot of pink also, in their ties and suits collection, pink is something that is stereo-typically set to women’s fashion, but in the past few years we have seen pink slowing making its way through the men’s fashion industry, and men are really starting to embrace it.

This season’s fashion is balanced between bold and subdued, modern and retro.

Men’s suits are beginning to move away from the ultra-slim cuts of recent years. This summer sees suits fitting more loosely, with softer lines and a more relaxed appearance.

Their suits are made of lightweight fabrications, fresh color with some twists on classic details.

I like how they combined different colors and patterns, the contrast makes the combination young, dynamic and very summerish.

Are you ready to update your summer wardrobe?  


Fashion Styling For Men – I


I have started recently to include more fashion news and updates for men, because I believe style is not only for women.

In today’s post, I’m gonna share with you an outfit I styled at ForeAndAft., the trendiest men’s shop in Mar Mkhayel.


I like simple and chic style for men, and have a preference for the color blue, so I mixed these items together:

ForeAndAft 008


ForeAndAft 010

I styled the diadora shoes with red and green in order not to keep the colors of the outfit monotonous.

These are the brands I used for this outfit:

Diadora Heritage shoes
40 WEFT cargo trousers
Fausto Colato buffalo belt
Alessandro Gherardi shirt
Plusultra Milano sweater
Stewart Leather jacket Testa di Moro


With the high temperature during the day, you can only wear the shirt, and at night you could add the sweater and the jacket if needed.


What do you think of the outfit?

Would you opt for this style? 

Flock Accessories by Lanvin Men

Travels, adventures… the Lanvin man hurries towards his destiny as if he were on the

run, with a backpack, a giant orange Doctor Bag or numerous flock accessories, the real

headliners of this collection, in hand.


Flocking, the textile screen printing technique popular in the 1980s, has made a big comeback

at Lanvin using a fresh new medium for summer 2014: leather.

Like a velvety print on precious leather, hand-strap cases and zipped pouches are crafted from

green or sky blue viscose. The large size is adorned with a strap in double green foal leather

into which he slips his hand for a laid-back approach. Glasses cases in grey pearl grained

calfskin and flocked with a grey-green technical fabric acts as a mini pouch for the man who

likes to travel light. The dandiest will opt for the backpack version in black nubuck flocked

with electric blue viscose. The chic school-boy look is highlighted by a pair of flocked,

buckled loafers with a studded finish or a pair of double-strapped sandals in the same tones.


I like the colors of the bags, men can match them with their outfits easily, and they come in different sizes, depending on the needs. If you’re going to the gym, you can have the backpack, if you’re travelling and need a small bag to take all your shaving products, you can choose one of the small ones that can attach to your hand.


What about you men? Do you like carrying bags? Which do you think is more practical for you? 

Introducing: THE 2014 ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST

People who know me well, know that I’m a huge cars fan, especially masculine, and wild cars.

But in my post today, I’m gonna introduce a true, classical babe… The 2014 Rolls-Royce GHOST!


Since its launch in 2009, the Ghost has been a vision of simplicity – taking the core values of Rolls-Royce and creating contemporary effortless luxury. Achieving a new dynamism while remaining true to its heritage, Ghost projects a more informal presence than the Phantom with an even greater emphasis on driving, and as such the 2014 model year reflects this vision of riding and driving in peerless fashion with subtle enhancements that ensure the car is equipped to pinnacle Rolls-Royce standards.



While seated comfortably in the Ghost’s slightly elevated position behind the wheel, described as the authority position, drivers will now have a new IPS 10.25″ HD screen before them, the largest in its class, featuring higher resolution with a better viewing angle and color contrast. This screen can be used to display the impressive 3D City View, which is one among many subtle navigation enhancements in the vehicle including new map representation, improved road calculation and High Guiding, where the correct lane and the correct turn is recommended to the driver via the split screen as a clear small map.


The Spirit of Ecstasy Rotary Controller in the 2014 model year Ghost presents a pad with the ability to scroll through function menus by turning the chrome dial and pressing down to select its functions.


A pointer function allows menu options to be selected more quickly. The inclusion of inputs by written text, for example where a name and number must be added via the telephone menu is an additional improvement. It recognizes characters in English, Latin, Mandarin and Arabic, to assist drivers in the company’s second and third largest global markets, mainland China and the Middle East respectively, where character selection can otherwise be a time-consuming process.


Created and fine-tuned by the leading experts in industry, the bespoke sound system in the 2014 model year Ghost allows for a rich and all-encompassing aural experience, bringing the centre of sound even closer to the passenger’s ear. An array of 16 loudspeakers, two tweeters and a full active 18-channel amplifier with 1300W maximum power deliver unparalleled sound quality, while the Theatre setting creates a perfect surround-sound “bigger than live” experience.


The latest in audio-engineering technology ensures that no external conditions can affect the sound quality inside the vehicle. Automatic-controlled microphone volume and tone adjustment change the music according to the noises around the car, for example the sound will change in windy conditions and also over uneven roads to maintain optimal sound. In addition, DIRAC technology process eliminates loud spots and dead spots caused by sound reflecting off windows while Active Crossovers eliminate sound distortion.


Adding to the already vast array of existing comfort features, Ghost 2014 builds upon the Comfort Access, a first of its kind convenience feature first introduced in the Ghost 2013 model that allows the opening of the boot with an effortless foot movement in case both hands are busy. The new model now includes a Smart Close function alongside Smart Opener, where the boot can then be closed with a foot movement beneath the rear bumper of the car.


The aesthetic appeal of the Ghost is further enhanced with the option of Salamanca Blue and Silver Sand colours fortifying the existing palette of 44,000 exterior paint options, while three new wood variants have been introduced: Tudor Oak, Cross-banded Waterfall Bubinga and Lemon Satinwood, and Cross-banded Paldao and Dark Heart Ebony.



Ghost is a modern execution of timeless Rolls-Royce elegance, widening its appeal beyond the purely traditional but retaining the core values that make the Rolls-Royce marque unique and cherished.

True Beauty ❤

Introducing: ForeandAft.

I know that I have a lot of men fans, but they can’t always follow my blog, because it’s all about women stuff…

Today, I bring good news for all the men who follow Le Blog De Chanty, I will be having a new section dedicated for YOU… YES YOU!

I know that men don’t really enjoy shopping and styling as much as women do, so I’ll be introducing new shops for you with styles to give you inspiration. How cool is that? 🙂

The first shop that I will be introducing, opened recently in Mar Mkhael and is bringing the top Italian fashion to Lebanon.

Now Open

ForeandAft brings to Beirut an exclusive selection of niche Italian brands that will revolutionize your casual and formal attire.

ForeandAft menswear, the new kid on the Mar Mikhael district, selects brands that guarantee the best materials and manufacturing processes, set the trends in the fashion scene and offer the highest quality to price ratio.

“Driven by modernity and change, yet with an expertise in fashion that goes back two generations, we will transform your retail experience”.

Their stylist from Milan has chosen some of today’s most innovative and trendy menswear brands and developed a curated multi-brand collection to address all needs of a modern man of style.


For the spring summer 2014 season, ForeandAft carries the following Milan based brands: Alesandro Gherardi, Department 5, Diadora Heritage, Fausto Colato, Plusultra Milano,  Rosi & Ghezzi, Stewart, Tagliatore, Velasca, K-Way and 40WEFT.

Think multi-brand, think total look, think ForeandAft!

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for their latest collections 🙂

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