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What’s In My Pretty Little Box? – December 2014

I was so delighted when I found out that the Pretty Little Box finally reached Lebanon, I visited their website and registered right away!

shooting 003

One day, the Courriel reached my office with the box in his hands, I was so excited to open it and see what’s inside 🙂

shooting 004


When I first opened the box, glitter popped out adding to it the magical Christmas spirit, then there was a cute little mug, the Pretty Little Mag, BB Cream by Garnier, Black Liner by Maybelline, a natural black soap by PURE, ia interapothek intimate gel, and essence nail polish.


1- BB cream by Garnier

shooting 012

The first BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector by Garnier is a daily 5 in 1 moisturizer that combines the benefits of both day cream and make up mineral pigments and Vitamin C.

With your  morning application, you get these 5 amazing results:

  • Even skin tone
  • Corrects fine lines and imperfections

  • Hydrates for 24 hours

  • Protects from UVAs and UVBs with SPF 15

  • Brightens your skin instantly

I still didn’t have the time to try it on my skin, I will be updating you about the texture.


2- ia interapothek intimate gel

shooting 015_

Developed from natural ingredients, this intimate gel contains oat extract known for its hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Besides its soft action, it has antiseptic properties and ensures a slightly acidic pH that maintains the ideal physiological conditions for any woman.

3- essence nail polish

shooting 018_

I got the Glamour Girls shade from the metal glam collection by essence.

It has an easy brush for an easier application, plus it dries really fast, perfect for nail art.

4- The colossal Kajal by Maybelline

shooting 020

The Colossal Kajal is Maybelline’s best-selling with a new 12 hour formula.

Enriched with Olive Oil Esters, Vitamin E, Vitamin C derivatives and conditioning agents, the Colossal Kajal had the deepest black pigments, a unique tip and an exclusive color fix formula to give intense black color.

I still didn’t try it also, because i’m not a fan of black liners.

5- Black natural soap by PURE

6- The Pretty Little Mag

shooting 048_


The magazine has information about the products, tutorials, recipes, ideas for activities…


It’s nice to have a surprise box with beauty products each month, don’t you think?

shooting 074


Posh and Chic Prints!

I got dressed in the morning without really thinking of my outfit ahead of time and I suddenly realized that I was mixing two different kind of prints unconsciously, which i rarely do!

I wore my new chic black with white dots skirt from Benetton, with a simple white top from Sinequanone and matched it with my black and silver pumps patterns from Nine West.

patterns 042


What I like about this skirt, is that it’s simple, chic and it has pockets!

The white top is simple and goes well with anything!

The black and silver patterns shoes are comfy for a day at the office, and are just what I need for this season.

And since it’s Pinktober, I started with my first pink nail polish. I used the Pink Mocha from Mollon Pro and added a little bit of pink sparkle on the ring finger, by using the Embrace from Orly.


Are you into patterns? Do you like Pockets?

I would love to share stories 🙂  

Violet Electra!

Fall is here, it’s time to renew our wardrobe as well as our make up.

One of the shades that I’m admiring this season is “Violet/Purple”.

The shades of the same palette like orchid, lilac and lavender are one of the hottest trends this year. What’s nice about these shades is that they are incredibly easy to pull off and can instantly brighten your face. Plus it’s actually a shade that can work on every eye color and skin tone.

purple (15)

Today, I played with Violet everywhere! I applied lilac eye shadow, macroviolet eyeliner, violet  lipstick and nail polish.


After applying the basics, concealer, and powder, I mixed two tones of purple eye shadow.

I used the sweet lilac by Clarins on the inner corner of my eyes, added a hint of smokey by Estee Lauder starting the outside corner of my eyes and make it fade away as approaching the middle.

Then a bit of the lightest eye-shadow under the eyebrows, and today I used the newest item in my makeup bag, the Naked Lunch Frost by MAC.

Then I applied the macroviolet gel eye-liner, also by MAC. It’s easy to use with the brush and it’s long-lasting.

Then I applied a coat of Black mascara by Maybelline, I could have added a hint of purple mascara, but I got lazy 😛

And for the Lipstick, I applied one of the favorite lipsticks that I have, the Violet Electra by Estee Lauder. It has a creamy and weightless texture, the color is so vivid, it illuminates my face 🙂

And the nail polish is Miss conduct by Orly.

What’s your favorite color this fall? Are you into purple tones?

I would love to hear your opinions 🙂 

Back to basics!

Today’s post is a back to basics in nail care.

I have fragile nails, that always tend to peel and break. I try to use as much as I can a nail hardener to help them gain strength, but as lazy as I was during summer, and visits to beauticians, I neglected them for a while and now I’m back to zero.

I consulted a pharmacist who advised me to use the Ecrinal, vitamin nail strengthener with silk lipesters.

Red 002

  • Strengthens, repairs and protects nails against bacterial and fungal attacks.
  • Naturally stimulates growth for stronger nails.
  • Makes the nail more resistant and makes its re-growth easier.
  • Acetone and Paraben Free


Ecrinal has an invisible formula, you apply it on your nails, it dries out, as if you didn’t apply anything. It’s colorless and invisible with a soft smell. For good results, it is advisable to apply it daily for 7 – 10 days and then 3 times per week.

But after trying it, I found out that you can’t use it as a nail polish, or base coat. You need to follow it with a coat before applying the color you want.

So I bought a base and top coat that I like a lot, the Rimmel Nail Nurse, nail care 5 in 1.

Red 007

It’s a multi-purpose product that provides smoother, stronger, longer, moisturized and shinier nails. It has double function as a nail base and a top coat. it’s practical for me, since I’m already using another product for step 1, so I don’t want to be carrying a zillion products when fixing my nails 😉

The Rimmel Nail Nurse, nail care 5 in 1 is easy to apply, thin, no hard smell and dries fast 😉

And since summer is coming to an end, and I’m fed up with pink/purple shades, and wasn’t in a mood for something really dark yet or pastel, I decided to apply this vivid red from Orly.

Red 024

The Unlawful Red by Orly has a light texture, that makes it easier to apply and faster to dry.

Apply two coats to get the most of the color, then wait a bit before applying a layer from the top coat and wait for it to dry. Then clean the edges of your nails for a complete finish.

I have felt a slight progress since I started using the Ecrinal nail hardener, but it’s normal, because it’s not a quick treatment.  After two to three moths, I’ll be able to see better results.


Do you have any problems with your nails?

Do you use any specific nail hardener?

I would love to hear your experiences 🙂 

S’N’B Unveils Luxury Collection of Natural Halal Nail Polishes



Safe ‘N’ Beautiful LC, the specialist natural nail care beauty house, has unveiled its newest range – a luxury collection of breathable, water-based and water-removable nail polishes. The patented formulas, free of alcohol and animal-derived products are also ‘five-free’ of the controversial chemicals DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and its resins. And unlike traditional nail polishes the Halal S’N’B formulation is aqueous and oxygen permeable.

S'N'B Unveils Luxury Collection of Natural Halal Nail Polishes

With a gorgeous palette of modern and refined colours the S’N’B collection is the newest innovation in natural beauty products first showcased in the company’s world-renowned signature line Snails (Safe Nails), designed especially for children and expectant mothers.

S’N’B debuted the new product range at the Middle East’s foremost and influential trade show – Beauty World ME, that took place at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center from the 27th through the 29th May.

To discover more about Safe ‘N’ Beautiful LC., Snails and the new S’N’B collection you can visit their website http://www.safe-nails.com/ and follow them on Twitter @Snails4Kids.

Testing: Mollon Pro Nail Lacquer

I was going through my timeline, and I saw a new nail lacquer brand in Lebanon. I checked their Facebook page to get to know more about them, and I liked their products.

mollon pro_1


Mollon Cosmetics is a dynamically developing brand of cosmetics for nail care. Their products are known for their styling and care values. They offer a wide choice of cosmetics in a vast color range which can satisfy the growing needs of the customer.

mollon pro_3


Their cosmetics are exceptional thanks to their innovative nature, modern design, premium quality and attractive price. Mollon Professional Pro offers the highest quality products for professional manicure and pedicure.

Their assets are French quality and style, innovation, effectiveness and, as a result, consumer satisfaction. All Mollon Pro products are designed for professional beauty parlors as well as for the continuation of nail styling and care. Their products are recommended for both natural and acrylic/gel nails.


I chose a relaxing color suitable for this time of year, when shifting between winter dark colors and not yet ready for flashy colors –> The Pink Mocha 

cache_300_300_1_57. PINK MOCHA

The texture is just what you need, not very thick and not very light, after applying two coats, you get the color needed. 

Plus their formula is enriched with hardener that extends lacquer durability up to 7 days, it lasted all week with no chipping 🙂

mollon pro


OK, my hands were very dry that day, stay tuned for a hand cream review 😉

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish!

I discovered a while ago, a new nail polish brand “Ruby Wing” that is magical! It has a color changing technology that lets you switch your style from indoor to outdoor 😉


They’re Innovative, Revolutionary and Stylish! The Ruby Wing nail polish starts with one beautiful color, but when exposed to sunlight it changes directly to another color, deeper and richer!

And when you go back inside, away from UV sunlight, the original color comes back 😉

It is used just like any normal nail polish, after applying your base coat, apply two thin coats of your favorite Ruby Wing nail polish, then apply your top coat!

What’s also smart about Ruby Nail Polish, is that you can use it for your nail art, and it will change from indoors to outdoors, giving magic to your nails 😉

It’s available in 18 different shades, turning them into 36, with the combination of SolarActive color change technology and Forsythe Color club nail lacquers.

Combining the two companies became the force of magic creating Ruby Wing!

I chose the color Tide, indoors you can see a hint of white polish with tons of glittery shines, but when you step outside to the sunlight, it will transform into a rosy-pink glitter.

To stay updated with Ruby Wing Nail Polish latest shades and news, you can check their Facebook page, Follow them on Twitter and Pinterest!

I’ll be surely Pinning a lot from their collection 😉



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