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How To Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single?

I announced yesterday the start of my collaboration with Nisrette from Smarter Life Tips & Tricks.

shooting 130_

Since it’s Valentine, and we know that a lot of you are celebrating it alone, so we decided to tackle the subject of how to spend this holiday when you’re SINGLE.

Who said you need to always have someone special for Valentine’s Day? There are a lot of things that you can do and make it a day/night to remember!

Here’s a list that we compiled:

1- Organize a secret admirers gifting (such as Secret Santa)

Secret Admirer

Where you and a group of friends draw names then deliver items like chocolates, flowers and teddy bears to each other, that way everyone can have a Valentine!

2- Plan a Singles’ Valentine’s Party :

singles party


A great Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive only for couples. This year let the couples have their own customized celebration, and get together with your favorite friends for a party at home, pub or night ( You can check www.lebtivity.com where you will find many singles’ Valentine’s Day suggestions).

3- Pamper Yourself

This Valentine’s Day, devote time to yourself. You don’t need another person to make you feel special. You can do it all on your own! Get a massage, a facial, or a mani-pedi.  You will feel sexier and more relaxed.

You can choose to treat yourself at the Spa of Phoenicia Hotel .


Devoted to beauty, rejuvenation and relaxation, SPA Phoenicia specializes in Balneotherapy, Thalassotherapy, Thai Relaxing Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine. Exquisite body treatments use the healing power of nature to stimulate the metabolism and circulation while cleansing, purifying and toning the body.


You can also try the massages and scrubs at Think Pink Lounge in Mansourieh.

They have multiple types to choose from: Hot Stones, Relaxing, Slimming, Reflex foot massage, back and face massage…

4- Plan a Week-end with your friends

Since Valentine’s Day is on Saturday, you can plan to spend a week-end with your friends who are single too, away from the noise and enjoy the peaceful nature, or visit historical places.

One of my favorite getaways is to plan a road trip to Deir El Kamar and stay the night at Mir Amin Palace hotel in Beiteddine. You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of the palace, the tranquility of the area, and enjoy a night of oriental music at Le Serail.

Another option is for the ski lovers, you can definitely head to Faraya/ Kfaderbian, stay the night by the fire at Terrebrune Hotel sipping your favorite wine and enjoy a ski day the next day.

If you prefer the view of the ocean, you can head to Jbeil or Batroun, there are a lot of nice places to discover. Waking up to the sound of the ocean, and have the clear blue view in front of you, will be so rewarding!

If you want something really relaxing, you can head to Bhersaf and enjoy a wellness retreat at Zenotel, where you can revitalize your mind, body and soul.


No matter what you choose to do on Valentine’s Day, make it an unforgettable week-end/night, enjoy it to the maximum maybe it will be your last single valentine’s party and you will find your soul mate.

If you think that we gave you a useful tip for celebrating single’s Valentine Day share it with us when u celebrate it.

For every single in this world Happy Singles’ Valentine Day! Let’s Celebrate 😉


5 Things I learned From The Dressember Challenge!

For all those who were following my pictures on Instagram, saw the dresses I wore during the whole month of December.

For those who missed it, you can check my introductory post about the Dressember 2014 challenge here and the last dress I wore here.

Sarah_Bond (19) edited 72 res

And this is what I learned from this wonderful challenge:

1 – I love dresses, I find them so easy to wear. And since I was deciding which dress to wear the night before, I managed to sleep 5 minutes more in the morning 😛 and it helped me become a more organized person.

2 – Pantyhoses should be created in a way to make the lives of women much easier. It would be great if it can be indicated which is the front side, which is the backside (Only Marie France had a sign). Because sometimes when it goes wrong, it can make your life hell trying to figure out how to wear it the right way…And with all the technologies out there, can’t they make the sheer pantyhoses unbreakable?!?!

3 – I discovered new fans to my blog, and we actually exchanged opinions about my dresses and we agreed that brown doesn’t look so good on me. Black and Red are the colors that suit me best!

4 – By adding accessories, like cardigan, scarves, hats, and different pantyhoses each time, the dress looked completely different. ==> If you get creative with the items you have in your closet, you won’t need to buy a lot of new items each season. Keep your money for the sales period 😉

5 – People are willing to collaborate and especially when it’s for a good cause. I was so happy to meet the creative Sarah Bond and had the pleasure to wear her signature Electric Thoughts dress!

Here’s a quick roundup of all the dresses I wore

I hope you enjoyed my Dressember challenge this year!

Would you join me next year?


Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m sure you’re all wondering where to get gifts for everyone on your list.

To help you out, I’m going to introduce you to a clothing shop in Jdeideh: “Vestiti”.
Vestiti started as an idea of two sisters who are in love with fashion and beauty. They always loved the french charm and simplicity, and that’s how they decided from where to bring their products.
In their store, they have French and Italian brands, suitable for every trendy, chic lady who likes comfort in her everyday outfits.
They have a lovely collection of bags
A wide collection of winter tops
Chic dresses
And winter jackets and faux-fur
They have a lovely collection with very affordable prices!
For more information you can contact them on the following number: 01-878258
Enjoy your Christmas shopping! 

GodFather event at Cavalli Caffe: Where Crime meets Fashion!

I got really excited after received an intriguing invitation in my inbox about a themed event: “GodFather” event in Cavalli Caffe. Dress code was chic Black & White!

But why was I so so excited? Since ever, Cavalli has always been one of my favorite brands ❤

And the idea of mixing between crime and fashion was enthralling!

I got there, to find surprises waiting for us; black hats, red roses, cigars and toy guns. Just like in the movie!

Cavalli 084_


Fellows fashion bloggers, as well as food bloggers and a lot from the online community attended the event. The ambiance was really nice, the dress code colors were homogeneous with the interior animal print. Red lipstick and sangrias were adding color and life.

The food was appetizing, perfect temperature and taste!


Thank you Cavalli Caffe for this offbeat event, and until next time :*


Kahwet Leila is Now in Hamra!

After having a surprise visit by the friendly Leila, to invite me to the opening of “Kahwet Leila” restaurant branch in Hamra facing Picadelli, I got really excited to attend the event.

kahwet Leila (1)

When I got there, I was fascinated by the small details that were taken care of, like the small coffee cups written on them Leila, the pink cotton candy that added a lot of life and old memories, the beautiful old collection cars…

As I entered to discover the place, the event was taking place at the beautiful garden, where you forget that you are located in Hamra, in the middle of Beirut!

Then we got the chance to taste the delicious new items from the menu…

I loved their new branch, it’s so big and spacious, the food is tasty.

I’m not fan of arguile, but people were enjoying it without annoying others with the smoke, because it’s an open space.

Leila was their all evening, taking pictures with everyone and making sure all is good.

For all Hamra lovers, you should try Kahwet Leila!!

kahwet Leila (20)

Back to basics!

Today’s post is a back to basics in nail care.

I have fragile nails, that always tend to peel and break. I try to use as much as I can a nail hardener to help them gain strength, but as lazy as I was during summer, and visits to beauticians, I neglected them for a while and now I’m back to zero.

I consulted a pharmacist who advised me to use the Ecrinal, vitamin nail strengthener with silk lipesters.

Red 002

  • Strengthens, repairs and protects nails against bacterial and fungal attacks.
  • Naturally stimulates growth for stronger nails.
  • Makes the nail more resistant and makes its re-growth easier.
  • Acetone and Paraben Free


Ecrinal has an invisible formula, you apply it on your nails, it dries out, as if you didn’t apply anything. It’s colorless and invisible with a soft smell. For good results, it is advisable to apply it daily for 7 – 10 days and then 3 times per week.

But after trying it, I found out that you can’t use it as a nail polish, or base coat. You need to follow it with a coat before applying the color you want.

So I bought a base and top coat that I like a lot, the Rimmel Nail Nurse, nail care 5 in 1.

Red 007

It’s a multi-purpose product that provides smoother, stronger, longer, moisturized and shinier nails. It has double function as a nail base and a top coat. it’s practical for me, since I’m already using another product for step 1, so I don’t want to be carrying a zillion products when fixing my nails 😉

The Rimmel Nail Nurse, nail care 5 in 1 is easy to apply, thin, no hard smell and dries fast 😉

And since summer is coming to an end, and I’m fed up with pink/purple shades, and wasn’t in a mood for something really dark yet or pastel, I decided to apply this vivid red from Orly.

Red 024

The Unlawful Red by Orly has a light texture, that makes it easier to apply and faster to dry.

Apply two coats to get the most of the color, then wait a bit before applying a layer from the top coat and wait for it to dry. Then clean the edges of your nails for a complete finish.

I have felt a slight progress since I started using the Ecrinal nail hardener, but it’s normal, because it’s not a quick treatment.  After two to three moths, I’ll be able to see better results.


Do you have any problems with your nails?

Do you use any specific nail hardener?

I would love to hear your experiences 🙂 

Why every woman should have a small wallet?


I’m not sure if you were suffering lately from the same thing, but when ever i’m carrying a cross bag or a clutch, my wallet can’t fit :S

I keep on squeezing it, removing papers from it, trying several options and it never fits 😦

So I went searching for a small wallet and I found mine at Aizarani in Jdeideh.

Here are my thoughts about why you should own one!


1- It can fit in ANY BAG

No matter how small the bag, the small wallet will fit easily and you won’t worry about forgetting any of your valuables at home.

You can also add it in your big, every day bags, and don’t worry about loosing it between all your stuff, you can grab it easily!


2- Wisely designed


Even if it’s too small, but it’s designed very wisely. You can add all the bank cards that you want to use, your ID, your rewards cards…

You can put your cash money in the inside pocket, and you can put the receipts that you get when paying with your card in the pocket from the left side.

I still didn’t decide how to use the back side of it. What do you think I should put there?


3- Payments will become easier!

Yes, believe me!

Your wallet is already organized, you just take it out of your bag, pick the card or take out the cash and pay.

No more searching for your huge wallet, opening it, searching in it for cash between the zillion papers you gathered from ages ago, or wait where is my card moments?!


4- Available in different colors

Plus it comes in multiple colors: red, beige, brown… and at a very affordable price!

I got the red one, it adds life to my bag 🙂


Do you have a small wallet? Do you advise on owning one?

Share your experiences with me 🙂



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