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Breakfast At Al Mandaloun Café

I went for a ladies breakfast at Al Mandaloun Café in Dbayeh. It became of a ritual, whenever my friends & I have a cause to celebrate something, we just drive there. This time we were celebrating the start of a successful, golden New Year!

We fell in the love with the place because the interior is so friendly and cozy, we almost feel at home. The burgundy used on the furniture, gives the place a warmer feeling, the lanterns and the watches on the wall gives it a unique touch.

What’s also interesting is that Al Mandaloun Café offers a breakfast buffet that is filled with different choices of cheese, labne, ham, eggs, vegetables, croissant, cakes, bread, juice …

I always order a special omelette with cheese, bacon and herbs and I mix orange and carrot juice for a boost effect. And my favorite part comes with the cakes, there’s a special one that is juiced, not sure what it’s called, but it’s heaven for me!

They have a little boutique, where you can buy cute teapots, and different alcohol kinds.

For the Christmas season, they had cookies and gingerbread cakes as gifts ideas for your loved ones.

Have you been to Al Mandaloun Café?  


Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly!

Christmas is just around the corner and all the country is already wearing its marvelous decoration. Christmas exhibitions, recitals, book fairs, jingles are everywhere…

On Saturday I got the chance to be present at the grand opening of the festive market at Le Vendome Beirut.

You can choose your perfect Christmas gifts from the amazing collection of silver and crystal ornaments, decorative items, and a delectable selection of Chocodome chocolate!

The Festive Market opens daily till January 6th, 2014 from 10h00 a.m. till 10h00 p.m. at the main lobby.

Then I went for a road trip with my friend and got to admire the enchanting Christmas decoration in Byblos ❤


And on Sunday, I went with my family to the Christmas festival in Dhour El Choueir.

We were seduced by the Christmas grotto, wine festival, and chants…


Where did you find your favorite Christmas decoration this year? 

EL IXIR Wine Tasting

I attend a special EL wine tasting at Enoteca in Tabaris. We had the pleasure to taste IXSIR‘s micro Cuvée in both, white and red: EL White 2012 and EL Red 2010.


I tasted first the EL White 2012

el ixir white

EL White 2012


The subtle complexity of this wine distinguishes its elegant and delicate aromas of flowers combined with white fleshy fruits, infused herbs and spices.

On the palate, the purity of a great Viognier blended with the richness of the Chardonnay, offers an unctuous and full-bodied wine with exceptional elegance, minerality and depth.


And then I tried to the EL Red 2010

el ixir - rouge

EL Red 2010

Good color and a subtle nuanced nose of ripe blackberries with a hint of spice.

In the mouth there is an instant lushness, backed up with a wonderful freshness. It has an elegant structure and a finish that is powerful, sustained and balanced.

Despite its youth, it’s already a pleasurable experience to taste. It triumphs with a seductive combination of classicism and hedonism. Although it can be savored now, it could very well reach full maturity in 2017 and age thereafter until 2030.

My favorite was the EL White 2012!


Are you a wine fan?

Did you get the chance to taste them? And which one was your favorite?


Miraval Rosé 2013


I attended last Wednesday, the wine tasting of Miraval Rosé 2013, that took place in Enoteca,Tabaris.

miraval 002

The Provençal rosé, is owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It is produced on the 150 acres of vineyards at the Chateau Miraval, the South of France estate that they purchased for $60 million in 2008.

The Vintage

In 2013, the winter was long and dry followed by a cold and wet Spring and important climatic variations up until harvest. Thanks to a lot of hard work in the vineyard throughout the year, the grapes reached perfect maturity. The 2013 vintage is characterized by a low yield but is very promising.

miraval 004

Miraval Rosé is a wonderful blend of fruits aromas and freshness, made on an exceptional terroirs in Provence.

The Process

The grapes are harvested exclusively in the morning and sorted twice. Destemming. Pressurage direct for Cinsault, Grenache and Rolle. The Syrah is vinifies partially using the “saignee” method. Vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel vats (95%) and in barrels (5%) with batonnage.

miraval 008

The Miraval Rosé is great to have outdoors with sunny, good weather. As far as food, it’s good to have it with raw salmon, raw tuna or maybe a Niçoise salad.


IXSIR Wine Tasting at La Cave De Joel Robuchon

I was invited to a wine tasting at La Cave De Joel Robuchon in Beirut Souks, and the famous wine was “IXSIR”.


IXSIR cultivates its wine grapes in several different zones, including Batroun in the North, Jezzine in the South, and the Bekaa Valley in the East.

IXSIR produces a wide spectrum of grape varieties, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Tempranillo, Caladoc, and Viognier, Muscat (grape and wine), Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Sémillon.

Here’s a small brief on their products:


RED, 2009
Enrobed in black cherry, with dark red reflections, this wine unleashes fresh aromas that vary between red and black fruits, with a touch of oak. Its unique assemblage gives the wine a supple and delicate character where blackcurrant and blackberry merge.

ROSE, 2012
Recalling the region of Provence, this wine has a marble pink robe with peony reflections revealing an intense bouquet of gooseberry and vine leaves. With its suave, fruity, and crispy palate, it will arouse the admiration of anyone passionate about authentic rosé wines.

WHITE, 2012
Presenting an elegant swirl of golden glittering robe, this wine breathes a bouquet of floral aromas with hints of Muscat and notes of grapefruit. With its floral and fruity blend, coupled with a sharp and crispy palate, this balanced wine reveals nice mouth freshness.




RED, 2009
Rich in minerals and saturated with Mediterranean character, this wine unleashes exuberant aromas of mature fruits and spices. Its concentrated taste enrobed in a fine texture gives it an attractive liveliness, while its rich and mellow yet always-complex palate lasts until the final touch of fruit.

WHITE, 2012
The eye is seduced by its pure golden hue. The nose is enticed by an explosion of white flowers, peach and citrus fruits. The palate is enthralled by a nice equilibrium between mellowness and liveliness that leaves a final, equally wooden taste, which gives the wine a highly distinctive character.


RED, 2009
EL is the supreme cuvée of IXSIR. Its roots are deeply anchored in the historic Lebanese mountains praised for producing some of the best wines throughout antiquity.


I tasted the white wine from the Altitudes range and it was fresh, with a fruity taste. Perfect for summer!

Which is your favorite?

Interview: Chef Rabih Fouany

Two days ago, Ksara winery and Eau De Vie restaurant organized a sensual and culinary experience.

eau de vie

The Head Chef Rabih Fouany, created a 4 course menu to compliment Chateau Ksara wine making heritage.

Get to know him more and the dishes he prepared here

chef fouani



1- When did you decide that you wanted to be a chef?

I guess the feeling started since I was a child. It was triggered by my Mother, as I used to watch her cook and prepare delicious meals and wait to see the guest’s reactions …. and they were always amazed.


2- Who were your teachers? Who influenced you to become a chef? 

I had this great passion within me for cooking and it was developed and influenced even more when I used to see the creativity and unusual dishes of the Star Chefs around me.

As for my teachers and mentors, I had the great opportunity to work with: Meilleur ouvrier de France Jérôme Leminier, Maitre cuisinier de France Guillaume Brare, Michelin star chef Alain Passard.


3- What are your essential ingredients, that you use in cooking?

Two Essential things: Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs


4- What’s the one cooking tool, that you can’t work without?

my knife 🙂


5- 3 adjectives that describe your cuisine

Modern, innovative and unique.


6- What are you preparing for the Ksara wine maker dinner?

Shrimps and maple:

Shrimps salad, crunchy root vegetables, emmental cheese and maple vinaigrette

– Chestnut & duck liver 

Chestnut velouté, truffles aroma and duck liver ‘croustilles’

Black Angus, tarragon & mustard

Beef tenderloin gently grilled, spinach ‘au gratin’ and tarragon mustard sauce

Green tea cremeux & hot cherry clafoutis

Creamy Green tea served in a martini glass with hot cherry clafoutis


7- Do you use wine in your recipes?  

 I believe cuisine without wine has a poor taste. One of my favorite sauce recipe and which became a favorite for the guests is based on Wine :the red wine shallot sauce”


8- What’s your favorite comfort food? 

I don’t have one favorite but I would say Mediterranean cuisine & modern European cuisine are top ranked as my comfort food.


9- What advice would you give house wives who are inspired by your style of cookery?

Every one of us has a hidden Chef inside him …  By attending my cooking class for two sessions you will be able to add experience and value to your kitchen.



Did you attend the event?

Will you be attending Chef Rabih Fouany cooking classes? 

Indulging: Le Hanoi Beirut

I had the chance a while ago to try Le Hanoi Beirut with a dear friend of mine.

We wanted to try something new and different, so we grabbed their offer from Makhsom.


It was the first time we try Vietnamese food, and I can tell you it really was something…

We were well received and guided to our table, the interior is cosy and warm and the soft music is just perfect.

We had the waiter’s opinion with the menu, because it was totally new to us, he was very helpful and the items we chose were really mouth-watering.


As starters we had the sea nems, wrap them with cabbage, add a leaf of mind and dip in the special sauce… tasty…



Then we had the  lobster lover salad, with pineapple, mango, melon and papaya



As main dish, we had the salmon steak with sweet  jelly chili



To end it the right way, we had two tasty desserts that we shared, the Hanoi Pagoda which is a coconut steamed milk banana and the choco-banana crunchy raviolis with vanilla ice cream and nuts




Ohh… it was splendid,

And just when we thought it was over, we had complimentary coconut flakes, if you haven’t taste them, they are sooo addictive!!

coconut flakes



I enjoyed the place and the food a lot, I definitely recommend you to try it!

And oh, don’t forget to LIKE their Facebook page to get a closer eye to their menu 😉


Sahtein 🙂


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